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Is CCNA harder than Network+?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-02-25
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Many I.T. beginners and cybersecurity ask about the differences between the CompTIA Network+ and Cisco CCNA and often wonder if they must be taking the Network+ before taking the CCNA. Herein, we would be comparing the difficulty level of both the certification. 

Cisco CCNA would be a challenging entry-level I.T. certification exam because it requires technical networking knowledge and the ability to configure specific equipment that Cisco would issue. Because of this configuration requirement, test-takers will obtain more experience with actual networking equipment than other exams.

CCNA Difficulty Level for Beginners:

The CCNA is considered to be a challenging exam for beginners because it would be testing heavily on the ability to configure Cisco equipment as well as troubleshoot actual issues that often would arise in networking. Because of this, beginners often required several months of hands-on experience with a simulator or live equipment to be prepared for these objectives on the exam.

Cisco CCNA vs. CompTIA Network+

The comparison between the CCNA and CompTIA's Network+ is considered one that many test-takers make, and a lot of people ask about, and for a better reason. That's because these two certification exams would be very similar. To prove the point, you should take a moment to compare the two exam objectives sheets, and it would be becoming very apparent that there would be tremendously overlapping in exam content.

Of course, these two exams would be different because the Network+ would be vendor-neutral, and the CCNA is considered to be Cisco proprietary. This would significantly impact the exams' hands-on or performance-based sections, as the Network+ will have for generalizing these questions much more than the CCNA.

If you would be preparing for the CompTIA Network+, you must have troubleshooting and network configuration on some form of equipment. However, this equipment wouldn't have to be Cisco, and you would have seen people clearing the Network+ without ever actually completing real networking practice.

On the other hand, you would be shooting for the CCNA. Keep in mind that it will be virtually impossible to pass this exam without having worked in a Cisco-based lab environment of some type, as well as having learned the required commands. While you would have seen people clear the Network+ without experience, you would never have seen that happen with the Cisco CCNA.

CCNA Difficulty Level V.S. CompTIA Network+ Difficulty Level 

Test takers might find the Cisco CCNA somewhat more challenging than the Network+ because the CCNA would require substantial knowledge of actual Cisco IOS commands and how they would be applying to configuration scenarios. This would require hands-on experience with a Cisco networking environment.

Still, Cisco CCNA Certification is much more in demand compared to the Network+ Certification. Though it is challenging, if you have some excellent and reliable study dumps, like the SPOTO CCNA Exam Dumps, you would be able to acquire it in the very first attempt.


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