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IT Certification Roadmap: Guide

  •   Posted on: 2023-03-07
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IT Certification Roadmap: Guide

Certifications in information technology (IT), can help you show hiring managers that you are competent and give you the boost you need for your career. You can gain new skills and be qualified for promotions or new jobs by obtaining certification.

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Pathways to IT certification

Here are some of the most popular IT certifications according to different roles.

  • Keep in mind that not all certifications are from the same organization. It is possible to get certifications from different organizations depending on your career goals and the skills you are trying to acquire. This is a guideline to help you understand the various certifications available. It is not a complete list. You may also find other certifications that are not listed.
  • Foundational Certifications: Certifications that are listed as foundational by providers are usually those that have been designated as entry-level or early career professionals.
  • Professional certifications These certifications are for people who have some experience and want to advance in their careers.
  • Advanced certifications. Advanced certificates will demonstrate a high level of mastery or a high-level of the field or mastery in a particular area of the field.

Certifications for servers and networks

It is essential to be able to troubleshoot and maintain computer networks, servers, and systems. These certifications will give you the skills to start or advance your career in any of these areas.

Security certificates

Global Knowledge has identified cybersecurity as being one of the most important IT fields. CompTIA and ISACA can offer vendor-neutral certifications. This means that the information you receive for a certification exam applies to other operating systems. They may also be vendor-specific like the Microsoft certifications.

Cloud certifications

According to Global Knowledge's survey, cloud computing is the most sought-after IT skill in recent years. These certifications will help you get started in cloud computing and prepare you to take on more challenging roles.

Help desk certifications

Help desk support is a good starting point for many IT careers. They provide technical support and troubleshooting of a wide range of computer problems to employees. This position might be called IT support technician, help desk technician, IT associate, or something similar. You can be eligible for these positions by obtaining an entry-level certificate. You can then go on to obtain a more advanced help desk certification, but many people choose to specialize in IT.

Database certifications

Database professionals can include database developers, database administrators, database engineers, database warehousing specialists, and similar roles. The vendor of the database technology that you use the most will determine which database certification you choose. You are looking for certifications that demonstrate your SQL expertise?

Which certification should I obtain?

Your area of expertise in IT, your level of experience, and the job you are interested in will all influence which certification you choose. Ask your employer if you are currently working in IT what skills you would be most helpful to learn.

For those just beginning in IT, a credential can help you learn the basics of a range of IT fields, such as the CompTIA certification, or the SPOTO courses.


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