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What Are CCNA Cyber Ops?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-01-20
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Cisco would have now retired the two CCNA Cyber Ops certification exams since May 28, 2020, and they would have already changed the name of the certification to Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate.

There would be overlying between the previous exams and the new ones, especially regarding foundational topics. Cisco is considered streamlining the process for ensuring its relevance to the coming decade’s security landscape. Understanding these changes would help the candidate prepare for and clear the Cisco Certified CyberOps certification exam.

What is the new Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate Certification?

According to Cisco, this certification is considered the first step in preparing for a career in cybersecurity and cybersecurity operations. It would be able to cover the fundamental skills and knowledge that professionals required to succeed in the challenging cybersecurity field.

Because Cisco is believed to be one of the top global networking equipment producers, having an in-depth understanding of configuring, securing, and maintaining its hardware is a valuable asset.

The 200-201 exam would be including the following domains:

  • Host-based analysis
  • Network intrusion analysis
  • Security concepts
  • Security monitoring
  • Security policies and procedures

As you could observe, that the 200-201 CBROPS exam would be covering cybersecurity’s foundational skills. You would require understanding the topics at a conceptual level, including encryption, firewalls, PKI infrastructure, and antivirus, alongside some specific technologies such as the TCP, Wireshark, and SIEM.

What are you required to know: 200-201 CBROPS?

The new 200-201 CBROPS Cyber Ops exam would have about a 120-minute time limit containing between 95 and 105 questions. In an associate-level exam, there are going to be no pre-requisites.

However, it is recommended at a minimum of 12 months of hands-on cybersecurity experience. Although Cisco hasn’t yet released an official exam price at the time of writing, it would be expected to cost you about $300, the price of most of its associate-level exams.

You might be willing to consider earning the entry-level certifications, Cisco Certified Technicians (CCT), as well as Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technicians (CCENT), before sitting for the 200-201 CBROPS exam.

What’s Changing?

While it isn’t required to obtain the knowledge of too many specifics about the new certification content changes, it is recommended that this is part of a more significant effort for maintaining the relevance and applicability of Cisco’s exams.

One main takeaway would be that this exam is considered a condensed version of two separate exams, SECFND and SECOPS. At a high level, the new exam would be covering the same breadth of material as the previous two exams, from endpoint threat analysis to security monitoring to incident handling.

However, it would appear to have less depth. For example, the SECFND’s cryptography domain would be required knowledge of encryption algorithms (DES, AES, etc.)and hash algorithms (MD5, SHA-1, etc.), while the new exam would be asking the candidates us, for instance, the description of the encryption’s impact on data visibility.

While it is considered imperative for you to know the different types of encryption, especially for your job, the CBROPS test would require a more theoretical framework of the issue.

That would be all about the CCNA CyberOps Exam. So now, if you wish to acquire the same in your very first attempt, you are required to go for good, and reliable training providers like the SPOTO CCNA CyberOps Exam Dumps to benchmark your success, along with the passing guarantee.


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