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What Is CCNP Jobs in the Middle East?

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  •   Posted on: 2020-12-16
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CCNP courses would be providing more advanced networking skills and knowledge, which would be compared to CCNA and only comes second to the CCIE certification. Long story short, the Cisco Certified Network Professional certification is considered an advanced level IT certification that would prepare you to assume top ranking IT positions in organizations.

A CCNP certification authenticates your ability to properly plan, set up, and maintain networks using Cisco products and technologies for operating. This certification is considered proof that you could quickly troubleshoot local and a vast area network, which would have over 500 nodes. Pretty cool, and that is why CCNP holders are believed to be the most sort after IT professionals by employers.

CCNP Earning Potential

Although you might not receive a six-figure salary with the CCNP certification, which would be expected to pocket as much as $80,000 to $96,000 a year for your services as well as expertise, CCNP experts are always compensated well for their services as CCNP would be bearing an excellent earning potential.

However, the amount of money you would be able to earn would be depending on many factors. How much you would be making a will, for instance, depending on the job role that you would be employed to do.

Information technology managers, for example, won’t earn the same as network engineers. It is considered very much imperative to inquire; therefore, how much a company would be willing to pay you for the particular position they wish you to occupy. Never assume that all roles or functions would have the same pay scale.

Other factors that would influence your salary are the size of the company that would be hiring you and your level of experience.

Potential Job Opportunities for CCNP Experts in the Middle East

There would be several job positions filled by a person with a CCNP certification in the Middle East. It is considered to be quite imperative that you are aware of all the job positions you could fill once you would be obtaining your CCNP certification so that you could apply for as well as choose a role that provides you the most satisfaction as well as is considered to be the best fit for your skillset or interests.

Here are some jobs associated with the CCNP Certification which are famous in the Middle East:

1.   Network Services Manager

Many organizations couldn’t function without a Network Manager. A network services manager supervises the smooth operations of organization network systems and would be expected to take leading roles in basically everything regarding the company’s network systems.

2.   Certified IT Administrator

IT administrators typically would provide technical support. They are the people who are going to be called upon whenever other employees would be facing problems with their systems or IT products. Any technical assistance concerning the company’s network would be dealt with by an IT administrator, so CCNP experts are given top hiring priority for such job roles.

3.   Network Engineer

On many occasions, the sole purpose of a network engineer would be to maintain the high integrity of the network infrastructure of an organization. They would be there for implementing, maintaining, supporting, and developing communication networks.

These are some key examples of job opportunities that would be mainly meant for Cisco Certified Network Professionals in the Middle East. Now that you know the CCNP Jobs available in the Middle East, you must be attracted to obtain them. You could get success by going through the CCNP Practice Exams offered by the SPOTO. SPOTO CCNP Dumps are considered to be your sure-shot success in the very first attempt.


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