What Is F5 Certification? 

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The F5 certification path is considered a series of exams administered by Pearson Vue, where you should begin by clearing two exams to become an F5 Certified big-IP Administrator. Later, depending on your specialist area, you could be adding to that by becoming an F5 Certified Technology Specialist. The certification costs would be about $135 per exam, $270 for becoming a certified administrator, and then up to $675 if you would have cleared all the technology specialist exams. Do check out the SPOTO IT Exam Dumps to obtains success in your very first attempt.

According to the F5 website, there will be four certification levels: Specialist, Administrator, Expert, and Professional. The expert and professional exams still say they would be under development to cover only the administrator and specialist exams for the rest of this post.

1. F5 Certified Administrator

The first step in the process would be to clear the Exam 101 Application Delivery Fundamentals. This would be a prerequisite to Exam 201. No certificate would be issued when clearing this exam. The next step is to remove the Exam 201 TMOS Administration (F5-CA) F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator. After earning this, you would be awarded the certificate of F5 Certified Administrator.

2. F5 Certified Technology Specialist

Once you would have cleared Exam 101 and 201, you could then move onto becoming a technology specialist in the area of your choice.

There would be a total of four main specialisms, which consist of:

  • Local Traffic Manager (LTM)
  • Global Traffic Manager (GTM)
  • Application Security Manager (ASM)
  • Access Policy Manager (APM)

· LTM Technology Specialist

For becoming a Local Traffic Manager Technology Specialist, you are required to pass two exams Exam 301a and 301b.

Exam 301a – Architect, Setup & Deploy – no certificate would be issued but is believed to be a prerequisite to 301b.

Exam 301b – Maintain & Troubleshoot

· GTM Technology Specialist

For becoming a Global Traffic Manager Technology Specialist, you are required to pass one exam – Exam 302.

· ASM Technology Specialist

For becoming an Application Security Manager Technology Specialist, you are only required to pass one exam – Exam 303.

· APM Technology Specialist

For becoming an Access Policy Manager Technology Specialist, you are only required to clear one exam – exam 304.

3. F5 Virtual Appliance

On-premises, in the cloud, or just a mixture of both, F5 BIG-IP Virtual Edition (VE), would be delivering the app services in ways that let you move faster than it would be allowed by the hardware. BIG-IQ simplifies managing holistically BIG-IP devices and app services at scale.

Job Opportunities after F5 Certification:

As the focus of F5 lies in large networked environments, one could expect to find F5-related positions like the network engineer, network specialist, network administrator, systems engineer, architect, and consultant. According to SimplyHired, Indeed, and LinkedIn, which would be revealed between 2,000 and 3,000 jobs in the U.S. for F5-certified professionals, which would be depending on the job board, with excellent salary potential.

Salaries at F5 Networks itself would be pretty good, too. According to SimplyHired, wages currently in the neighborhood would be about $116,000 for a Software Engineer. According to the Glassdoor reports, salaries of about $122,000 for a Network Engineer and $160,000 for an F5 Pre-Sales Engineer.

So, if you wish to obtain the perks and job positions associated with the F5 Certification, you should receive it right away. For doing that, your best bet would be to acquire the SPOTO IT Exam Dumps. These dumps are crafted by experienced professionals who have about 17 years of experience in the relevant field.


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