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What Is the Validity of CCNA Certification? When Will this Expire?

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  •   Posted on: 2020-12-24
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CCNA helps out-build the foundation that would enable you to take your career in networking in any direction. CCNA would be covering a broad range of networking fundamentals. You would be able to take the 200-301 CCNA exam to achieve the CCNA certification.

CCNA certification renewal requirements

You are required to renew your CCNA before the certification reaches its expiration date by completing recertification requirements. There are going to be two options for the renewal of your CCNA certification.

The first option would be the traditional, wherein you have to pass an exam for the recertification. The second option is somewhat new that would be involving earning Continuing Education or CE credits.

If you would be going for the exam option for recertification, you are required to pass one of the following exams for the recertification:

1.   You could clear anyone's associate exam. The most obvious choice would be to pass the 200-301 CCNA again. However, Cisco also provides two other exams at the assistant level: 200-901 DEVASC for Cisco Certified Devnet Associate and 200-201 CBROPS for Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification. You could also clear one of those two exams to recertify your CCNA while also earning an additional certification.

2.   You could also clear any one technology core exam. Cisco provides a technology core exam for each of the five CCNP tracks, including Security, Enterprise, Data Center, Collaboration, and Service Provider.

Additionally to that, the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional, as well as Cisco, Certified CyberOps Professional certification, each would be having a core exam that could be cleared for renewing your CCNA while gaining additional knowledge as well as the other accreditation—shedding the core exam gains you a specialist certification.

3.   You could even pass a professional concentration exam associated with any of the five CCNP certifications, Cisco Certified DevNet Professional, or Cisco Certified CyberOps Professional.

4.   You could clear anyone's CCIE lab exam. You are required to remove a technology core exam for qualifying for the CCIE lab exam. The technology core exam would be able to recertify your CCNA anyway.

This option is rarely considered for utilizing for CCNA recertification. Still, if you finally do it by taking a CCIE lab, it would be able to recertify all your previous certifications, including CCNA.

If you have chosen the CE option for CCNA recertification, you must earn 40 CE credits. You could earn CE credits by going for the Cisco courses, attending Cisco Live technical sessions, or writing exam items for Cisco.

How long is the CCNA certification valid?

The CCNA certification is considered to be valid for three years from your certification date. You are required to renew before your certification expiration date by completing the requirements of the recertification.

How much would it cost to take the CCNA exam for recertification?

The 200-301 CCNA exam would be costing you about $300. The actual amount you pay might vary slightly based on your location and applicable taxes, but $300 is considered the ballpark figure.

The CCNA exam isn't cheap! Be well-prepared for avoiding an unnecessary second attempt, which would cost you an additional $300. The exam would be taken traditionally at a Pearson VUE center.

If you opt for the CCNA exam, you must obtain the CCNA Practice Exams, like that available in the SPOTO CCNA 200-301Dumps. These dumps are crafted by an experienced person who possesses about 17 years of experience and is reliable and valid.


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