How to maintain a good learning state in CISCO CCIE exam?

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How to maintain a good learning state in CISCO CCIE exam?

The Cisco CCIE exam is a marathon, not a sprint. Long roads, Every day is progressing, and the distance will be closer and closer. Today I will discuss with you how to maintain a good learning state.

1.enough sleep:

Everyone should not stay up late, stay up late and lead to lack of sleep, affecting the next day of learning, and in the long run, it will be a vicious circle.

This period of time before going to bed after dinner is the best time to study.

Many candidates like to use the scattered time to learn in the car, watch videos or read books, reading in the car is not good for eyesight.


2.Sober mind:

Jogging before starting to learn can stimulate the brain and make the mind clear and learn better.

Everyone remembers to stretch before jogging to avoid sports injuries.

A friend who is overweight does not recommend jogging. It is as effective as striding.

When learning video web lessons, if you are too nervous, you can eat some fruits to ease the tension.


3.Stable mindset:

The Cisco CCIE exam is like a key point in a marathon. Negative emotions such as nervousness, anxiety, and arrogance are not conducive to learning, and people often want to give up.

I think that candidates must have their own plans and do nothing.


4.Orderly learning:

Learning must first lay a good foundation, followed by improving the ability and speed of doing problems, and doing simulation before the test. Learning should be easy to difficult, and the problem should be consolidated after class.

Learn to encounter difficult content, don't be discouraged, level your mind, and learn more with the teacher's ideas.

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Clearing Cisco CCIE is not out of reach. Everyone should take the test seriously, be confident, and will eventually win this long-term battle.


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