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How to Pass the CCIE Exam in the First Try?

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-11
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Choosing a career path in network field to become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert "CCIE" can be tempting due to many reasons. One mainly because these CCIE professionals are among those who usually get the highest salaries and unlimited perks throughout the world. However, earning a CCIE degree is still harder to achieve because of its growing popularity and high competition. Still, there are chances of becoming certified in this program provided the candidate follow an organized learning schedule and sticks to it until the end.   

This is a technical certification program offered by Cisco, although Cisco has many other competitors like Dell, HP, Huawei etc. but the CCIE professional certification has its own market value which cannot be replaced by any competitions. The good thing is that CCIE certification is still valuable in 2018 and will remain valuable in the next decades.

The candidates who are willing to pass a CCIE exam in their first attempt can easily ensure their way to success by fulfilling these two conditions. One is practice; the candidate must know what he is doing. Second is hard work, means learn hard and apply the knowledge practicing it. In short, they have to invest all of their resources including time, money  to become a CCIE professional.

There is no doubt that CCIE is one of the toughest IT certificates. Still, there are a few tips which let any candidate to ensure 100 % probability to clear this certification in the first attempt.


Forward in the right direction:

Keep in mind that becoming a CCIE certified professional not only requires a lot of dedication along with lots of money as well. So those interestingly willing to become a CCIE professional should not stray to other directions. Cisco aspirants should be disciplined and take every step dedicated to the right direction.


Time Management:

The most important tip is to manage your time, do plan. Divide the tasks into hourly, daily, weekly and monthly targets and stick to it.


Find the right trainer:

Every successful person has a mentor so is the case here, we all need a person who can assist us in achieving our dreams. For studying CCIE program, the candidate must choose a CCIE certified trainer. The reason for choosing a CCIE certified trainer is that they are continuously updated with the official curriculum and they will insist you follow the same pattern.


Build a community of like-minded professionals:

This is also necessary, and it will help the candidates solve a lot of technical queries by sharing it with other like-minded people who are also willing to make their way to success.


Don't rely on one single resource:

The candidate should not rely on one single resource, they should try to access a library and consult different books, dvd, case studies etc. Do not forget that this exam requires the candidates to have a thorough knowledge of what they are doing.  


Implement your knowledge by practicing simulations:

Cisco is a brand and a market leader too, they provide handy learning stuff as well as simulations which can be used to practice. Remember practice makes a man perfect.


Try to get access to the real LAB:

While practicing simulations can be the best way to master the skill, however, getting access into a real lab will allow the candidates to participate in solving real-time queries thus making them more confident in showcasing their skills.


Go through Mock-ups:

There are a lot of samples and previous exams mock-up which are available to the CCIE candidates which can be given importance before going to the real exam. At least they will allow the user to evaluate their skills and asses them.


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