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CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) Interview Questions

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  •   Posted on: 2020-11-25
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The Certified Information System Auditor, or shortly known as the CISA Certification exam, would be based on security controls related to IT infrastructure. A CISA certification enlarges the likelihood of being asked to interview for a diversity of jobs in the realm of cybersecurity.

These would be consisting of: information security analyst, IT compliance analyst, information security architect, information system auditor, and many more. Do check out the SPOTO CISA Exam Dumps to obtain sure-shot success.

CISA Interview Questions

Here are some of the Interview Questions related to the CISA:

What is an RFC?

A request for change (RFC) is considered a process that would set up authorization for changes to the system. The CISA auditor is required to identify and respond when changes could be able to harm the security of the network. The RFC would be keeping track of any current and former modifications to a system.

What would be some pitfalls of virtualized systems?

Working in the cloud provides certain people the advantage of using it anywhere. Still, virtualization would also be leaving people open to security hacks like the man in the middle attacks, keyloggers, and hackers that gain access to the main account where data would be stored. 

What is change management?

Change management would usually be a group of people who are considered to be in charge of identifying the risk and the impact of system changes. The CISA would be responsible for identifying risks of changes that would be affecting the security.

What would happen when a change damages a system or doesn’t roll out as planned?

The CISA, as well as other change management personnel, would be responsible for calling a rollback. All changes are required to have a rollback plan in case something goes wrong with the deployment.

What types of processes could you add to deployment plans for helping security?

It would be best if you acquired the developers to fill out forms for identifying each change and document which systems are being changed throughout the deployment plan.

What would be some security systems in place for protecting from unauthorized traffic?

Firewalls would protect the internal network at the router or server level. Antivirus software protects you from virus software from installing, and penetration testing systems running scripts for identifying any potential threats to the network.

What would be the purpose of a CISA audit trail?

Audit trails allow you as well as the company, to track systems with sensitive information. Audit trails would be mainly utilized to track which user accessed data and track the time the data was accessed. These trails could be helpful for the companies identifying improper use of private data.

How could a CISA auditor gain a better idea of how the system works?

Talk to management, read documents, watch processes performed by other employees, and read the system logs and data.

What is a BIA, and what is it utilized for?

The Business Impact Analysis, which is resourceful in creating the Business Continuity Plan.

In evaluating the utilization of a biometric system in an environment that would have high-security requirements, what is an item that would be important to consider?

The false acceptance rate is a critical item to be considered.

So, here are some of the interview questions and answers related to the CISA Exam. If you wish to gain more such problems, you must enroll yourself in the SPOTO CISA Exam Dumps. SPOTO IT Exam Dumps are formulated with the professional who would be having about 17 years of experience in the same field, which encourages the SPOTO to provide the passing guarantee.


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