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Which Are the Best Study Guides to Prepare for the CISA Exam?

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  •   Posted on: 2020-12-09
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These CISA books are considered to be handy resources for your CISA exam studies. If you would be a logical or linguistic learner, you may not need much more than a book to prepare you for the CISA exam. However, if you would be an audio or visual learner or employ multiple learning styles to achieve deep comprehension of important information, you would require more than a CISA book.

Specifically, you would be demanding access to audio and video lectures as well, and you would find these resources in a CISA review course. Even logical or linguistic learners who would be utilizing a book the most during their CISA studies should consider getting a CISA review course because of the practice exams, practice questions, and support from experts to which they would have access. These study guides would be quite helpful, along with the well-formulated CISA questions and answers offered by the SPOTO.

Best Study Guides for CISA Exam Preparation:

1. ISACA’s Official CRM (CISA Review Manual)

The CISA Review Manual is considered to be the most official of the CISA books available. ISACA would be publishing this definitive guide to the CISA exam as well as updates it whenever they would be updating the exam. Therefore, you could buy the digital or printed version of the CRM from ISACA, but you could also find it on Amazon.

Currently, the CRM would be able to cost about $109 for ISACA members and $139 for non-members. But whatever the price, I think the CRM is a worthy investment because it is quite affordable such detailed information regarding the exam. The CRM would cover every topic the CISA exam could test you on, so it is considered an essential tool for your studies.

However, ISACA would be writing the CRM more like a reference manual than a teaching guide, so the content is considered to be very much dry and almost too technical at times. Consequently, if you require any explanations of the basics or more examples of the concepts, you would be willing to supplement the CRM with a CISA review course or other CISA books.

2. CISA Study Guide

Another one of the most popular CISA books is the CISA Study Guide, published by Sybex, part of Wiley. David Cannon is considered the author, and Allen Keele and Brian T. O’Hara of CISA SuperReview. You would also find this guide in printed and digital formats.

The latest edition of the CISA Study Guide would be addressing the 2016 CISA exam, so you might wish to wait to buy this CISA book until the release of the edition that would be covering the 2019 CISA exam. However, assuming the 2019 edition follows similar formatting as previous editions, you would be finding that the CISA Study Guide possesses these negative and positive aspects.

3. CISA All-in-One Exam Guide

The CISA All-in-One Exam Guide would be another notable CISA book for exam candidates. Peter Gregory would be penned this guide, and McGraw-Hill publishes it. This guide also provides you the option of buying the ebook or the hardcopy. Amazon would be reporting that the fourth edition of the CISA All-in-One would be aligned with the 2019 CISA exam, would be on its way, and you could pre-order it now. So, you are required to be able to gain the latest CISA All-in-One soon.

Along with these study guides, look for the CISA practice exam offered at the SPOTO to help you out in your journey of achieving your dream certification and that too in a single attempt.


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