How to register the Microsoft certification exam?

Exam development

Microsoft certification exams are carefully developed based on the suggestions or opinions of industry professionals and reflect the way organizations around the world use Microsoft products.

Define skill areas

Experts establish vital tasks within the scope of a specific job function and when using a particular technology.


Define the skill distribution of the exam. These skills are evaluated by other technical and job function experts around the world. Their assessment will become a blueprint, defining the distribution of test questions across skill areas.


Write exam questions

Subject matter experts (SME) write test questions based on blueprints to examine critical skills.


Preliminary review

The expert group that has not written the test questions will review each test question's technical accuracy, relevance, helpful knowledge, and goal consistency.


Test exam

The preliminary examination questions will then be re-examined in an examination-like environment (called a "test exam"). This ensures that only the best content is included in the formal exam.


Finalize the question bank

Analyze the test results and test according to the degree of difficulty, the ability to distinguish between excellent and poor performance and reliability. Only those exam questions that meet Microsoft's psychometric criteria will appear in the official exam.


Set the scoreline

The expert team worked with Microsoft psychometric experts to determine the passing score. This score is based on the skills required to be competent in a specific skill area and the degree of difficulty of the exam questions.


Official exam

Pearson VUE or Certiport is responsible for administering the final certification exam. This test is offered in test centers around the world.



After the examination is released, the examination questions' psychological measurement performance and continuous validity and reliability will be continuously monitored. Exam questions that are no longer valid, no longer reliable, or underperforming will be deleted or replaced, and the exam will be reposted.


Take a test exam


Test exams are an essential part of the exam development process. By taking the exam as a test, candidates will provide us with helpful information to assess the test questions' technical accuracy, relevance, and psychometric characteristics before scoring the corresponding candidates.


How to participate


Microsoft provides a limited number of test seats for free. These seats can only be obtained by invitation. The invitation letter to take the test exam will be emailed to the Microsoft training and certification SME profile database. This notification includes a registration code that enables you to register for that specific test exam. Only candidates with work experience in this technical field will be notified. For some technologies (such as Windows Server and Windows operating systems), the number of qualified candidates in the SME profile database dramatically exceeds the number of seats available. In this case, we will randomly select an appropriate number of qualified candidates and send invitations to the randomly selected candidates.


Suppose you want to take a test exam, but you have not received an invitation or cannot register for an accessible seat. In that case, you can register for the test exam and pay the average price as you register for any exam to take the exam during this period. Although this exam is not accessible, we understand that some candidates may be interested in taking the exam in advance to meet job requirements or career growth needs or prove that they have adopted a specific technology (and are competent) earlier. By providing this option, we can meet the needs of such candidates, who in the past had to wait for the official version of the exam to be provided.


If there are remaining quotas, they will be in Microsoft certification-related blogs.


Note Receiving an invitation does not guarantee that you will have a quota in the test exam. Participation in the test is first-come, first-served. Due to the wide range of needs, it is recommended that you register at the beginning of the test registration period.


Preparing for the test exam


In most cases, you will be able to access the exam preparation guide. However, this does not always work. People interested in test exams can usually access additional resources, have technical experience, or use test products. In addition, when the testing period begins, formal courseware and other training materials are rarely available. If you need other preparation materials, you recommend consulting your colleagues or checking community resources and early-adopter articles for support.


Test exam score


You will not receive your score immediately when you complete the test exam because the scoring model for the exam has not been finalized.


You will usually receive test scores when the final version of the test becomes available, up to 16 weeks after you take the test. This time frame reflects the complete process used to evaluate test exam results.


Note Taking the test exam is voluntary, and Microsoft does not make any promises or guarantees about the test exam process, the availability of your scores, or the timing of your results.


Test exam result


Once the test period is over, we will statistically analyze the data to evaluate the performance of each test question. We will also read and consider all comments provided during the beta exam.


Passing test exam


It is imperative to pass the test exam in your certification path. You do not need to retake the final version of the exam.


If you fail the test exam, you cannot retake the test exam. Suppose you are interested in obtaining certification that requires successful completion of the exam. In that case, you must wait for the official exam release and pay the standard fee to retake the exam.


If you are confident that your test scores should be available, first check whether the test delivery provider has posted scores online. If it is not published, please contact the exam delivery provider. (Please note that after the final version of the exam is made publicly available, it may take up to two weeks for your test scores to be displayed online.) If the test delivery provider has published the scores, but you are not on your Microsoft score report To see the score, please contact your Microsoft Regional Service Center.


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