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In what Order should I get my Microsoft certifications?

The IT certification courses are gaining the attention of IT professionals because of their growing worldwide IT demand. IT has become the backbone of every business now. For now, every company has been looking for certified IT individuals to fill up the gaps of social distancing and maximize their employees' performances. This also brought many challenges to IT professionals because they have to prove their abilities to prospective or current employers to remain in their positions. IT certifications can be an easy way to stay competitive and one step ahead of other colleagues.

While a degree in any relevant niche can bring us a job, certifications bring us more opportunities like job promotion, salary increment, etc. Here we will discuss The certification courses offered by the world's leading technology giant Microsoft. Certifications provided by Microsoft validates an individual's proficiency in handling Microsoft's specific software or application. So the individuals who take part in getting certified with Microsoft can get the opportunity to showcase those skills clearly on their resume.

Other employers easily hire them on higher perks because their IT certification by Microsoft is Microsoft's guarantee that they have thoroughly checked the individual's skills and endorsed them with their certification. Microsoft's certifications have different entry-level starting from beginners to expert level qualifications. Therefore, every individual will have to first go through the foundation courses before completing their expert-level certification. These certifications are also subject to renewal to stay current on their knowledge and skills. 

Some of Microsoft's certifications are listed here;


Microsoft Office Certifications

This is the foundation level certification that demonstrates an individual's proficiency in Microsoft's office, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. 


Microsoft Technology Associate

This is an associate or entry-level IT certification, which includes certificates in MTA: Database, MTA: Developer, MTA: IT Infrastructure.


Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

The certifications included in this segment are the core of cloud-optimized solutions. The certifications include MCSA: Windows 10, MCSA: Window Server 2016, MCSA: Office 365.


Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert

The certifications included allowing the professional to use the Microsoft products to design and manage technology solutions. The certificates in this particular head are MCSE: Server Infrastructure, MCSE: Private Cloud, MCSE: Business Intelligence.


Microsoft Solutions Developer

This certification includes MCSD: App Builder, which has the pre-requisites of having MCSA all certificates to become eligible to take this certification.


The above mentioned is the Order of the Microsoft certifications to choose the proper diploma which helps any IT professional in their field. However, learning and passing the IT certification exam is a must to get endorsed by these certifications. There are many learning resources available all over the internet, but individuals should not overlook the value of practicing exam dumps. More than hundreds of SPOTO practice exam dumps are related to any IT certification course available on SPOTO


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