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What are the Microsoft Azure AZ-104 exam objectives?

This Microsoft AZ-104 exam is a part of role-based certification programs offered by the leading technology giant. Microsoft Azure AZ-104 exam is designed to verify the individual's capability of managing and troubleshooting core Azure resources. The exam difficulty can be compared to intermediate level, and every individual must take seventy percent passing marks to pass this IT certification exam. The Microsoft Azure AZ-104 IT certification exam covers the following technical aspects;

  1. Managing Azure identities and their governance: This first module caters to how to manage Microsoft Azure Active Directory objects. It also allows the individuals to learn about working role-based access control (RBAC). 
  2. Implementing and managing the storage: This module involves managing storage accounts and collecting the data in Azure storage. The individuals learn the ability to configure Azure files / Azure Blob storage. 
  3. Deploying and Managing Azure compute resources: This module revolves around creating and configuring the VMs and scaling them to the highest productivity levels. The individuals can demonstrate how to automate the deployment of VMs for creating and configuring containers and web apps.
  4. Configuring and Managing virtual networking: This module is about implementing and managing virtual networking and securing access to these virtual networks. Configuring load balancing and troubleshooting these virtual networks as well as monitoring them. 
  5. Monitoring and Backing up Azure Resources: This module demonstrates the candidate's ability to monitor resources with the Azure monitor. The individuals also learn about how to back up the stored data and its recovery in case anything went wrong.


Compared to the Microsoft AZ-103 IT certification exam, the Microsoft AZ-104 IT certification exam mainly focuses on deploying and managing Azure computing resources. The AZ-103 certification exam primarily focuses on deploying and managing virtual networks; however, this exam was retired on August 31, 2020. In simple words, this AZ-104 exam is the replacement for the retired AZ-103 certification exam, which is also required to be renewed with two years (eighteen months) time frame. 


The Microsoft Azure-104 exam comes up with a formal prerequisite of having at least six months' worth of practical experience handling Azure services, including experience using Powershell, Azure CLI, Azure Resource Manager Templates, and Azure portal, etc. Therefore, the individuals who are willing to take up this exam should keep in mind that the above-discussed objectives are the main components tested in this IT certification exam. The individuals should have the relevant hands-on experience before getting eligible for this IT certification.


So, those willing to get certified in this Microsoft certification should plan it. Microsoft offers complete learning material that can either be accessed online free of cost or opt for the instructor lead classes, which are also beneficial. Still, they come up with a nominal fee. Besides this learning stuff, the individuals can also search for some valuable resources from the web like practice tests or exam dumps which can be resourceful in passing the exam in its first attempt. SPOTO exam dumps are pretty helpful for any kind of IT certification exam.


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