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My experience of Passing CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-08
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CCIE R & S written v5.1 (400-101) exam notes

I have taken the CCIE written exam to renew my CCIE certification. I was planning to take an exam in the specialized field of Security, but I received a message of appreciation for the website from those who are planning to take a CCIE exam next year . I took the exam at 1 (400-101) . It is the latest exam.

CCIE R & S written v5.1 (400-101) Exam Overview

Test time: 2 hours 30 minutes (The information at the time of booking was 170 minutes, but the time on the screen is 2 hours 30 minutes)

Time required: 30 minutes to complete the exam (exam questions have been firmly memorized)

Examination fee: $450

Pass score: 804 points (range from 300 to 1000. 0 questions with 300 correct answers, ie 73% or more)

Number of problems90-100 questions

Problem method: Alternative choice , multiple choice , drag and drop problem (no simulation)

Test result: Pass

Study period: 1 week

Pass key materials: SPOTO CCIE RS Dumps 400-101

Learning materials: 4 points below. How to learn CCIE writing will be introduced in detail in the next article.

 SPOTO CCIE Routing and Switching written exam dumps ( main)

If you wanna pass exam quickly at first attempt, spoto ccie rs dump will be a good choice, but if you wanna harness your skills, SPOTO CCIE RS dump not enough to improve your ability thus you need read official guide book.

・ CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide Library (Main)

Your own website (Sub: re-reading while searching for typographical errors, deleting or adding articles)

· Reference Material For Evolving Technology Section (sub: skim new field)

CCIE R & S written v5.1 (400-101) section

The exam scope is published at this URL, but the score report handed after the exam showed the percentage of acquisition points for the following sections as per the topic. 
Although the questions were given from all sections, the problem with " Layer 3 Technologies " was the most frequent.

Network Principles 
Layer 2 Technologies 
Layer 3 Technologies 
VPN Technologies 
Infrastructure Security 
Infrastructure Services 
Evolving Technologies

CCIE R & S written v5.1 (400-101) Retake Policy

I did not know this until I made the exam reservation, but if I want to fail for the first time and want to take the second time for example, the second time I have to " wait for 15 days ". This was previously "five days".

Candidates who fail any CCIE written exam must wait for a period of 15 calendar days, beginning the day after the failed attempt, before retaking the same exam.

CCIE R & S written v5.1 (400-101) exam notes

First of all, I felt that I solved the exam questions as follows.

Although the difference in the level of difficulty is severe depending on the problem, there are also many problems that can be answered immediately.

・ Requires a very wide range of knowledge.

It is difficult to pass at a certain point when you are not good at it.

For the new field of Evolving Technologies, there are only fundamental issues.

-There is a problem that can not be solved if the status has not been confirmed by actual machine verification.

In addition, it was a harvest that I understood what was lacking in the technical explanation of my web site.

Next, there were 2 hours and 30 minutes of examination time, but I think that it can finish in about 1 hour. We finished the test in about 30 minutes, but we wanted to do the output work of the exam questions quickly after the test and because we were at work, we had a quick meeting.

I focused on memorizing the problem so I didn't feel anything at all when I saw Pass. After that, I was in trouble for a long time after the exam, so I stopped thinking and gave only positive answers so that extra information would not be sent into my brain. Cisco, I'm sorry. When I arrived at the cafe, I spent about an hour outputting the exam questions to notepad.

Since the CCIE written exam has become so quick to update that problem that it will not be useful immediately after making the Web problem collection, I would like to reflect the knowledge and information obtained this time in the technical explanation. If there is an English excerpt of CCO in the technical explanation of this site , it is a useful point , so please refer to it!

Next time, we will introduce exam preparation and learning methods. 
Let's read Cisco Press! Will introduce more specific methods. 
Although I will protect the NDA, I write with the feeling that I do not want everyone to lose as much as $450.


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