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What Is the CAPM Certification? Requirements and More

  •   Posted on: 2023-04-08
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The CAPM certification, which stands for Certified Associate in Project Management, is made to assist candidates in developing the abilities required for entry-level project management employment. It might serve as the first step toward a career in the area.

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You could be interested in working as a project manager if you like keeping things organized and managing a team of people.

Job seekers can prepare for entry-level project management positions by earning a CAPM certification. You will become certified in tried-and-true frameworks and techniques while learning the fundamentals of project management.

What you should know about earning a CAPM certification is provided here.

What does CAPM certification entail?

An accreditation for project management entry-level positions is the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification. The Project Management Institute (PMI), a preeminent global organization for project management, is in charge of running it. It can be utilized as a stepping stone to the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification and costs $225 for PMI members and $300 for non-members.

CAPM specifications

To take the CAPM exam, you must possess the following:

a 23-hour project management course equivalent to a high school diploma, GED, associate's degree, or other similar education that was finished before the exam

You can take the exam once you've finished at least 23 hours of education. You will have three hours to finish the 150-question CAPM exam.

How can I complete the 23 hours of project management training I need?

You can complete this requirement by enrolling in any number of project management courses, both online and offline, including the Google Project Management: Professional Certificate. You can also search for classes at the community college in your area.

Cost of CAPM certification

Passing one exam is necessary for the CAPM. The cost of the exam will be as follows as of July 2022:

not a PMI member $300

Members of PMI: $225

The annual membership charge for PMI is $129 plus a $10 one-time application fee. This raises the overall cost of becoming a new member who is CAPM-certified to $364. Benefits of membership include access to a project management job board, a discounted rate for various career-advancing certifications, and a free copy of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Handbook.

You might also be qualified for the student bundle, which costs $257 if you're a full-time student in an accredited program leading to a degree. This covers the cost of the CAPM exam in addition to the $32 membership fee. Inquire with the professors who are instructing project management courses at your university to see whether they have bulk purchasing agreements with PMI, which might help you save money on additional purchases.

If you're employed and believe the CAPM can help you in your job, go to your manager to see if your company will pay for the exam and training.

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Does the CAPM make sense?

The CAPM is typically regarded as a foundational qualification in project management. So how do you know if the effort will be worthwhile? These are some things to think about.

CAPM jobs and salaries

Project coordinator, junior project manager, and associate project manager are a few entry-level project management positions that the CAPM can help you prepare for.

The field of project management is expanding and in high demand. The job outlook for project management professionals is predicted to increase by 7%, which is as fast as the national average for all other occupations, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). According to a survey by the PMI, the market for project-oriented occupations is expected to expand by 33 percent, creating 22 million new jobs, and by 2027, businesses expect to need about 88 million project management positions.

As of October 2022, the average pay for a Certified Associate in Project Management in the US was $68,000, according to Payscale. The Payscale data below includes some examples of average pay for positions where the CAPM has been mentioned in calls for job candidates..



Project coordinator


Junior project manager


Associate project manager


Project analyst


Project manager


Project control specialist




In addition, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is in charge of managing the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. The CAPM is typically seen as a certification for individuals who have little to no experience in project management, whereas the PMP is regarded as a certificate for professionals. There are about one million people around the world who possess the PMP certification, making it significantly more widespread than the CAPM.

The contrasts between them are briefly discussed in the following paragraphs.




Who's it for?

Entry-level project managers

Those with at least three years of project management experience

Jobs postings that mention certification on Indeed (October 2022)




Secondary degree, plus 23 hours of project management education

35 hours of project management training (can be replaced with CAPM), and 36 months of experience leading projects with a four-year degree, or 60 months with a secondary degree

Average US salary (from Payscale, October 2022)




$300 for non-PMI members, $225 for PMI members

$555 for non-PMI members, $405 for PMI members


3 hours, 150 questions

3 hours 50 minutes, 180 questions

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