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After PMP Certification, What Next Step?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-05-10
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Opting for PMP certification or Project Management Professional Certification is considered the best way to boost your career manifold. You would require knowing that before you would be thinking about opting for PMP certification and have a detailed study about its scopes and chances; you require learning about the criteria and eligibility that would be the driving force behind selecting the PMP course. 

After PMP Certification What Next Step:

The main question that arises would be what you must do after completing the PMP certification. If you have already completed the PMP Certification, it doesn't mean that you would have already completed your pursuance of excellence. Earning a PMP certification means you'll be entering the growing world of effective project managers, which will be an increasing community of influential executives. So after you gain the PMP certification, you are going to require maintaining the PDU. 

PDU or Professional Development Units are considered the credentials you would require to earn to maintain your PMP certification for three years. It would be one of the compulsory parts and a parcel of the Continuation Certification Program of PMI. So you could observe that PMP earning would be the first stepping stone for what makes you an expert in dealing with the projects. You will require reaching a specified number of PDU for maintaining the credential of your PM in three years cycle. Depending on the number of PDU, you would be able to opt for the below-mentioned certifications post PMP.

Initially, for maintaining the PMP, you require several PDUs in a three-year cycle, which would be about 60 PDU.

After earning 60 PDUs, you could opt for the PMP Course by applying with your credits of 60 earned PDU.

If you are interested in managing your schedules in your organization's project, you could go for the Scheduling Professional Course or PMI-SP, for which you require earning 30 PDUs. 

The Risk Management Professional Course is considered to be the one that involves the utilization of the Risk Management module to provide your insight about the tackling of the issue if any emergency arises in the project. For this, you will require earning an additional 30 PDU for earning the PMI-RP course, additionally to the 60 PDU earned for PMP.

If you don't wish to add additional PDU, you could go for the CAPM or Certificate Associate Project Manager. For this, you could maintain your 60 PDU that you would require for the credibility of PMP. Additionally, Rest your requirement for taking the CAPM examination every five years for renewing its certification. The only thing you need to meet the eligibility criteria for this course would have an active PMP certification.

Hence, this would answer your question, which is after PMP Certification What Next Step. If you are looking forward to obtaining success in the PMP certification, SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps will help you out on your journey of acquiring success.


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