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Does PMP certification add any value nowadays?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-04-01
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In today's world, competition is all around and every single individual is trying to prove the skills to remain in the current position. Certifications in the related niche can help not only save the job but also validate the individual's skills. Remember that a degree enables getting a job while certification helps like a career ladder to climb quickly.


Like every other industry, project management professional PMP is also becoming a tough ground for project managers to prove their skills. According to research reports published on the PMI site, there will be more than two million project management job roles with high average salary needed to be filled every year till the year 2027 which means that this industry requires new project managers to fill in these job requirements. Therefore project management certificate is also becoming popular.


This also means that those already working in the project management industry can groom their skills to get more benefits and perks while sitting at their current jobs. According to project management salary survey, in united states, those who has years of experience is getting higher salary. The Project management industry certifications are issued by the Project Management Institute of America (PMI) which is run by a team of experienced project management professionals. This was founded in 1969 for concluding project management standards. Now, the PMI has been recognized all over the world and its certifications are well-reputed. PMP certification offered by the PMI is treated as the gold standard in the project management industry.


Therefore, individuals working in the project management industry should not ignore the value of PMI certifications. Though the exam fee is high, there are unlimited benefits of PMP certification. PMP certification is high, especially, the PMP certification offered by the PMI will add value to the project managers. PMP certification will boost their career as well as PMP income right from the day they earn this certification.

The individuals have to take the PMP certification exam after exam preparation and pass it to get PMP certified. This exam tests and verifies the important skills of any project manager that they are suitable for handling the projects efficiently. The exam tests the individual capacity in five underlying domains which are;

· Project Initiation,

· Project Planning,

· Project Execution,

· Project Monitoring & controlling,

· Project Closing.

This certification comes with certain prerequisites that every PMP aspirant project manager should meet to take the PMP certification exam.

a. A "four years degree" or "high school diploma".

b. "Thirty-six months job experience in case of four years degree" or "Sixty months job experience in leading project management job role".

c. "Thirty-five hours of project management training" or "CAPM certification".         

Those who meet the above criteria can take the PMP certification exam and once they pass this exam they get entitled to the following benefits which add value to their PMP Career.

Immediate 25% raise in salary: The PMP certified individuals get an immediate 25% salary raise according to a recent survey published on PMI's official website.

Add value to resume: These certified project managers can boost their career opportunities while showcasing their skills on their resume.

Networking opportunities: There are more than one million PMI-certified professionals all over the globe so the PMP certification allows the individuals to become part of that prestigious club and network worldwide.

PMP certification proves dedication: It proves the individual's dedication towards the job.

Many other benefits can be availed after passing the PMP certification exam however it requires hard work and hands-on practice. There are a few reputed sites like SPOTO where the PMP certification exam dumps and practice questions can be downloaded for practice. So, if you wish to gain the PMP Salary, and make your place in PMP Industry.



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