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Does PMP increase your salary?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-04-01
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The PMP certification is not only limited to salary increments. It is a very vast field in terms of expertise, skills, knowledge, and expertise. It is awarded by the Project Management Institute of America and the PMP certification is a gold standard in the project management industry.


The PMP-certified individuals are entitled to a lot of benefits which makes each unique in their expertise. These PMP-certified individuals get an immediate 25% rise in their salary right after passing the PMP certification exam, according to the PMI official website. There are many other benefits that they exercise over their non-PMP certified individuals.


PMP certifications add value to the resume of any certified individual: This is the foremost benefit that every certified PMP professional enjoys over their other fellow project managers. Writing PMP certified over the resume indicates that the individual's skills are validated by reputed a institution so they can apply to many PMP jobs in the industry without any hesitation.


Raise in salary, perks, and benefits: The professionals get an immediate raise in their salary. They also get promotions, perks, and other benefits that their non-PMP project manager can only think about.


Reputation and recognition in the PMP industry: There are around one million PMI members all across the globe, getting a PMP certification easily allows individuals to earn reputation and recognition in the entire PMP industry.

Networking opportunities throughout the globe: As mentioned above, there are many PMI members all over the globe. The PMP-certified individuals can get unlimited networking opportunities with their fellow certified individuals worldwide.


In short, there are a lot of benefits that can be harvested by any PMP-certified professional. Therefore, PMP certification should be considered a top priority by every project manager. The PMI also offers job role-based courses so those who currently do not fit in PMP certification eligibility criteria should take other certifications. They will surely help the individuals to make them their career ladder.


Those who fall in the PMP certification's eligibility criteria should go for this certification exam. However, it does require individuals to demonstrate their hands-on skills which they have learned during their job tenure. These important skills are not limited to the project management industry only. The individuals have to prepare for the exam accordingly because the exam is not easy. Those who take the exam as an easy task do eventually end up wasting their time and money. There’s going to be a vast difference between PMP Salary and of those who is non-certified.


The PMP aspirants should take this certification exam seriously, they should start with a proper study plan which indicates their road map starting from preparation till the end. Once the plan is finalized, they should stick with the exam content and make a daily habit of studying. The PMP certification exam content is mostly covered in the PMBOK, which is the official study guide. The PMP aspirants should go through the book and digest it.


They should also attend paid webinars, seminars, boot camps, or even practice exam dumps which are an easy way to learn things through practicing them. SPOTO exam dumps can be resourceful and can be downloaded from SPOTO website.



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