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How to check PMP credentials online?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-04-29
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The Project Management Institute offers an online registry for verifying the certification status of the candidates: PMI Online Credential. 


If you are looking forward to doing PMP Credential Check, you must follow the below instructions. Do check out the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps to obtain the PMP Credential in a single attempt. You could fill in the name and other information and check to observe if the person would be amongst the list of PMPs or other PMI Certification holders. There might be numerous people with the same name who are holding PMP Certifications; you would also have to look for the country, etc.


But any PMI Certification holders would be having the option of opting out of their certification status on the Online Credential Registry of PMI. Therefore, if the name doesn't yield a result in the registry search, it isn't absolute proof that it wouldn't be a PMP. You would have to check directly with PMI in case of suspected maltreatment of the PMP title.


However, PMP holder information can be checked on the Online Credential Registry of PMI, which offers stakeholders the certainty that your claim that you would be a PMP credential holder would be correct to increase your skills' trustworthiness etc.


If your PMP certification were in better standing, which means you would have cleared the PMP exam and followed the PDU requirements for the re-certification, your name would be included in the Registry of online certification PMI certification holders at the Credential Registry URL.


Firstly, search the PMI Online Certification Registry on google or other searching engines. After entering the official website, you can type in your last name, full name, country, and credential to search for your certification status.


This Registry will update in one day after you successfully cleared the PMP Exam. I am sure most Aspirants would be searching for their name on the Registry after the exam. Passing the exam would immediately make you a PMP, but PMI would take time to gain and verify your exam results and update your status on the Registry. 


Likewise, you would be able to search for the certification information of other PMI certification holders by just acquiring their last name. This would be the way to authenticate the authenticity of their certification status.


Another helpful way for utilizing the Registry would be to know how many PMI Certification holders would be there in your current city/country. 


However, the disclosure of info on the online Registry is considered to be on a permission base; certification holders have a chance to choose whether they would like to have their data published on the Registry. If the certification holders indicate an unwillingness to share the information, you won't be able to find the information by searching for the names of the PMI certification holders. So, now that you know how to check PMP credentials online, you must opt for the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps to ensure your success.





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