How to renew my PMP certification?

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Your first PMP certification or CCR cycle would be beginning on the day you would be clearing the exam. PMP Certification cycle ends on the third anniversary day of clearing the exam.


How to Earn the PDUs to Renew PMP Certifications?

There are going to be two types of PDUs you could earn:

· Education

· Giving Back


Within these two groups, there would be subcategories. Let’s discuss it below:

Education PDUs, but do check the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps, for your PMP Exam Preparation.


Aligned with the PMI Talent Triangle, this category would now require 60% of the PDUs, a maximum up to 35:

· Technical Project Management: 8 PDUs should be earned, minimum

· Leadership: 8 PDUs should be earned, minimum

· Strategic and Business Management: 8 PDUs should be earned, minimum


You would be able to earn the Remaining PDUs under any of the three sections.


Giving Back PDUs

The total number of PDUs, which you could earn in this category, would have been reduced; however, the activities under these categories remain the same: Creating Knowledge, Volunteering, as well as working as a Professional. The number of PDUs which could be earned in the Working as a Professional category would also have been reduced.

A maximum of 25 PDUs should be earned in this category:

· Working as a Professional: under this category 8 PDUs could be earned, maximum.

· Volunteering and Creating Knowledge: Remaining PDUs could be earned under this category.


With this change, PMPs would be still able to claim PDUs for all the claimable activities in the past:

· Attending educational activities as well as events provided by PMI chapters or other organizations

· Reading, participating in self-directed learning activities, or attending a webinar

· Creating latest knowledge of project management

· Volunteering

· Working as a project practitioner


Recording Your PDU Activities

One of the most proficient ways for recording PDUs is by utilizing the online CCR System. This system would also be allowing you to search for activities that award PDUs and to view your transcript for confirming that PDUs have been posted.


Although the PMI encourages you for recording the PDUs utilizing the online system, you might complete, download, as well as send electronic or paper copies of the PDU Activity Reporting Form found online. This must be done upon completion of each activity. You only require to send the PDU Activity Reporting Form. You don’t need to send supporting documentation for activities reported at this point but you must retain such documentation in the event you would be audited.


You could renew your PMP Certification, by earning the PDUs following the above tips. Before that, you must earn the PMP Certification and for that, you should obtain the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps to mark your success.


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