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How to Schedule the PMP Exam Online?

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  •   Posted on: 2020-12-11
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Would you be willing to go for the project management professional -- PMP Certification Exam and take an advancing step toward your project management career? Then, you must be looking for the project management institute's PMP exam schedule, PMBOK guide and PMP exam content outline so that you would be able to plan your PMP study.

However, before you would be scheduling the PMP exam date, you are required to have a tangible way for PMP preparation. Once you would have completed your PMP study and are ready to go for the PMP exam, you are required to complete your PMP application online, and only after that, you would be able to schedule your PMP exam date. For more information about the PMP exam schedule or PMP study materials such as authentic exam dumps, practice tests, exam tips, etc., you could refer to SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps, which helps you pass your exam in the shortest period.

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Why You Need to Schedule the PMP Exam?

Pearson VUE test centers would conduct PMP exams. However, it isn’t provided by all the Pearson VUE test centers. You would be able to find the PMP exam centers from the Pearson VUE test site. Pearson VUE test centers wouldn’t be offering only the PMP exam. There are numerous other certifications, skill tests, and language provided by these test centers.

Depending on the location and the business of the test center, you might miss a spot for your PMP exam date. Therefore, we would be recommending you schedule your PMP exam at least one month before the date you planning to sit for the exam.

After you have cleared the PMP application, you would have about one year to schedule your PMP exam date and take the PMP exam. If you are unable to sit for the PMP exam in one year, you would have to restart your PMP application.

How Should I Schedule PMP Exam?

First, complete your PMP preparation.

Once you would be ready for sitting for the PMP exam, you could schedule your PMP exam date. You must ensure that you would have completed your PMP preparation. It would be best if you practiced with as many different PMP exam questions as possible.

There are going to be several PMP question resources on the web as well as offline.

Ensure that the PMP practice questions you would be able to find are up to date based on the latest PMBOK and provide accurate answers and rationales.

PMP passing score would be answering 107 out of 175 PMP questions rightly. Note that, PMP exam would have 200 questions; however, 25 of these aren’t scored as well as utilized for quality improvement purposes by PMI.

Since you wouldn’t procure the knowledge regarding that which of these would be the one which is 25 unscored questions, you are required to answer each question seriously during your PMP exam.

Thus, each PMP aspirant is recommended for scheduling the PMP exam if he or she could score over 70% from a PMP exam simulator or sample PMP exam questions. If you score above 70%, you would be able to schedule the PMP exam confidently.

Second, schedule your PMP exam online.

Once you consider yourself ready for scheduling the PMP exam, visit the PMI exam, and log in to your profile. Under the PMP certification section, you will see the expected PMP exam options. Follow the directions and book your PMP exam date along with a Pearson VUE test center.

If you selected PMP Exam Center during payment:

1. The PMP exam will be available under Pre-approved Exams after being directed to your Pearson VUE account. Click the PMP exam link.

2. You will turn to the page of the PMP exam and the language you have selected. Be sure to click “View Testing Policies” > “Schedule This Exam”.

3. Search for a test location with availability, and then select a date and time.

4. Once you have made your selection, review your appointment details and click “Proceed to Checkout”.

5. Follow the following steps to complete checkout, and then click “Submit Order”.

6. Your appointment has been confirmed, and you will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE. 

If you selected Online Proctoring during payment, you do not need to choose a location. You can schedule the PMP exam date online at any time of day. Also, when your appointment is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email from Pearson VUE.

Based on changing industry dynamics as we; as what organizations expect from project managers, PMI would be changing the PMP exam in 2021. If you were looking forward to obtaining your PMP certification, it would be better to get it before the next PMP exam changes.

Now that you have to gain information regarding the PMP exam certification, you would be looking forward to obtaining the knowledge required. So, if you wish to receive success in your very first attempt, you must acquire the SPOTO PMP Exam Certification Dumps to ensure your success.

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