What do they teach during PMP certification course?

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The PMP curriculum would require covering all these knowledge areas for the preparation you for the examination. We are going to discuss about PMP Certification Course and what you would learn in the PMP certification Course, like offered at SPOTO.SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps are the best when it comes to PMP Certification.

PMP Certification Course Outline

1. Introduction to Project Management and PMP Terminologies

The PMP syllabus should begin with securing the basics of project management, introducing candidates to topics such as the definition of a project and project management, the relationship between program management, portfolio management, operations management, etc., as well as the PMBOK guide.

2. The Project Life Cycle and Organizational Influences

Candidates would then learn of the influence that an organization has on project management, as well as numerous key topics such as the Project Governance, Project Stakeholders, the creation of as well as the importance of a Project Team, and the Project Life Cycle.

3. Project Management Processes

Before moving to the 49 processes, the PMP course syllabus would be introduced candidates to the 10 project management knowledge areas as well as 5 process groups at an overview level.

4. Project Integration Management

This is considered to be the first knowledge area in the PMP certification course content, as well as explaining the coordination of the different elements within a project. These elements would be including the project activities, schedules, resources, stakeholders, etc.

5. Project Scope Management

The project’s scope would be defining what exactly required to be executed in the project, as well as this section of the PMP certification syllabus teaches the various processes, such as like requirements collection, scope control, WBS creation, etc. which would be involved in ensuring the result would be maintained within the defined scope.

6. Project Schedule Management

Candidates are also taught the various processes which also involve scheduling the various deliverables, activities, and milestones within a project, defining the relationship between these elements, as well as estimating task durations and resource allocation.

7. Project Cost Management

You would be taught the different processes which also involve estimating, allocating, and controlling the project budget as well as individual activity and resource costs.

8. Project Quality Management

This knowledge area would be covering the different processes involved in defining the quality standards as well as methods for testing the quality as well as ensure the standards are met. You would also learn to plan quality management, control end quality, and perform quality assurance.

9. Project Resource Management

You would also learn the different process which also involves estimating resource requirements based on activities, planning resource management, as well as acquiring resources. This also includes steps to develop, build, manage, as well as control resource teams.

10. Project Communications Management

This section of the PMP training course would be covering the numerous modes of communication that could be set up within a project for smooth operations.

Other topics which are covered in this course are mentioned below:

11. Project Risk Management

12. Project Procurement Management

13. Project Stakeholder management

Now that you have learned about PMP Certification Course Outline, you must be looking forward to obtain the same in the very first attempt. If so, you must acquire SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps, would be the best you could gain.



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