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What Jobs you could Gain with PMP Certification in Columbia SC?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-05-08
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If you’re a project management professional or looking forward to making a career in the field, you could expect to earn a salary that would be nearly double the median wage of the wage earned by the Non-Certified Professionals in Columbia, SC.

As per The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American worker would be able to bring home a salary of $47,788 for full-time work in the third quarter of 2019. On the contrary, project management professionals would be able to earn a median salary of $92,000. And for those who are holding a PMP Certification, that figure is considered to be even higher: PMP Certified professionals would be able to earn an average salary that is 23% greater than those without the prestigious credential in Colombia SC.

Demand for workers with experience in project management is only expected to grow over the upcoming decade. An estimate of 2 million jobs would be expected to be available every year. So, obtaining PMP Certification in Columbia SC would be able to increase your worth in the market. But again, to acquire the same in a single attempt is much more difficult unless you possess SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps with you.


Let’s check out the Salary and the Jobs Associated with PMP Certification in Columbia SC:

The salary data that PMI would have collected from its members and credential holders could provide you the valuable insight into the salary you could expect after acquiring your PMP certification, which would be based on your current role.

As would be expected, professionals who are holding the title and job description of Project Manager III are going to have more responsibilities than those who are without the title Project Manager I, as well as their respective mean salaries, which are $112,314 and $89,380, would be able to reflect this. 82% of respondents to the PMI salary survey would be PMP certification holders. 


Project Manager Salaries of the holder of PMP Certification in Columbia, SC

The average salary for a Project Manager would be about $57,650 in Columbia, SC. Salary estimates are done based on 153 salaries submitted randomly to Glassdoor by Project Manager employees in Columbia, SC.


PMP Salary by Industry in Columbia SC

The industry in which you would be working would also be able to factor into the salary. You could expect to receive as a PMP certified professional. Those who would be earning their wages on the government payroll would be able to fetch just over $116,000 per annum, while those in the private sector would bring home about $130,402 when working in the legal arena as well as $131,833 in the pharmaceutical industry.


Other notable industry salaries of the holder of PMP Certification in Columbia SC are:

Industry Salary Average

Aerospace $121,923

Engineering $129,208

Healthcare $111,021

Information Technology $116,585

Again to acquire all these perks, you must first become certified with the PMP, and for that, SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps is the best when it comes to PMP Exam Preparation. Do check out the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps.


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