Which is better PMP or PMI ACP?

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The PMI provides both the ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) and the PMP (Project Management Professional) qualifications for aiding the project managers to excel in their careers. Both have their perks, and which would be better for you, will be discussed here. Whichever certification you select, check out the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps or SPOTO PMI-ACP Exam Dumps to ensure success in your very first attempt.

Here we have compared both PMP and PMI-ACP Certification on the basis of some attributes. Let’s discuss them in detail.



PMP training would be covering every dimension of project management, from initiation to risk management, to personnel management, to closing a project. ACP training however would be forgoing a lot of these basic concepts in favor of focusing on the concepts of agile.

Difference between PMI-ACP vs PMP qualification:


As a Project Management Professional, you would be expected to have sufficient knowledge of project management for implementing specific project management methodology, practices as well as strategies for completing the projects. You would be responsible for regulating and controlling all aspects of project governance. More imperatively, you would be responsible for managing budgets, providing forecasts, risk assessments, and other imperative documentation.

In contrast, agile practitioners who have obtained an Agile Certified Practitioner certification would require to be well versed in agile practices for helping the candidates to accommodate the changing requirements as well as prefaces of an agile project. Your role would require a solid understanding of agile methodologies as well as mindsets for ensuring transparency, effective communication as well as coordination. You are required to adequately fulfill the requirements of your role while snooping as little as possible with actual development.

Accountability and responsibility:

In traditional project management roles, project managers would usually accountable for the accomplishment or disappointment of projects. Other team members would be relying on information provided to them by project managers.

Agile practitioner roles would be focusing more on transparency as well as the diffusion of responsibility and accountability among all team members. As an Agile Certified Practitioner, you would probably observe the sharing of responsibility and accountability across the team as preferable and therefore your focus would be on ensuring clear as well as effective cooperation and communication.



PMP certification would be requiring a comprehensive understanding of project management. ACP certification would be overlapping PMP only in a few ways. ACP is considered to be more niche as well as doesn't provide as holistic a view of project management. We would have already touched on some of the differentiation between roles common to PMP certification holders as contrasting to those of ACP certification holders.

Now that you have acquired the difference between the PMP vs PMI-ACP Certification and you would have acquired the knowledge of both the certifications. If you are looking forward to obtaining any of the certifications, you must obtain the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps and PMI-ACP Exam Dumps to obtain the desired result in your very first attempt. When it comes to PMP or PMI-ACP preparation, SPOTO is the leading study dumps provider.


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