Who should enroll for PMP?

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The PMI certifications have been in demand throughout the globe. They are well-reputed, recognized, and the certificate holders are treated with due respect. The PMI was founded in 1969 with the primary aim to standardize the project management field. It is a non-profit organization that is run by professionals related to the project management industry. 

Since the inception of the PMI, they have offered many courses related to project management. Every course is designated according to the individual's job role. All the systems have their value in the market. However, the PMP certification offered by the PMP is the highly sought-after and reputed certification known as the gold standard in the project management industry.

The question is who should be enrolled for the PMP certification, the answer is straightforward, yet there are some pre-requisites before anyone becomes eligible for this certification. The individuals having:

A four-year degree, thirty-six months of experience in a leading project management role, plus thirty-five hours of project management training or CAPM certification. A high school diploma with sixty months of project management experience plus thirty-five hours of project management training or CAPM certification. Get's eligible for the PMP certification exam.

Therefore, anyone working in the project management industry should write down PMP certification in his mandatory to-do list. Becoming PMP certified should be their priority target. However, passing the PMP certification exam is not that easy because it is designed to test the project managers' capability to handle and manage the projects more efficiently than the other non-PMP certified project managers.

The project managers have to prove their skills in every underlying project management domain before they get certified in the PMP certification exam. The parts tested in this PMP certification exam are;

  • Project Initiation,
  • Project Planning,
  • Project Execution,
  • Project Monitoring & controlling,
  • Project Closing.

This certification deals in evaluating the skills related to the individual's project management experience. The individuals who will enroll for the PMP certification should start preparation from the start of their enrolment. They should first start with proper planning, looking for the exam content, then sticking to their actual goal, i.e., passing the exam.

Ample time should be given to the planning phase, and everything should be noted down in black & white. Daily time should be spared for reading, learning, and revising. The individuals should also allocate the necessary budget for this exam. The amount spent on boot camps, buying exam dumps, booking the exam, paying the fee to any mentor, or training should be added to the budget. 

Once the planning phase is over, then the individuals should start with preparation. The exam content revolves around the official study guide (PMBOK). This book contains almost ninety percent of the PMP certification exam. Rest is tested through the inherent skills possessed by the individuals. 

The individuals can also take help from other resources like joining any nearby institute, attending the boot camps, which also revised the official study guide's content. Purchasing or downloading practice exam dumps also helps in intelligent learning. SPOTO PMP exam dumps can be easily downloaded, which should be practiced for creating flashcards in mind.


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