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How Long Does It Take to Prepare for the CISA Exam?

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  •   Posted on: 2020-09-14
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CISA is a curtailed form of Certified Information Systems Auditor. CISA certificate is considered to be suitable for individuals who would be having a have an interest in information systems control, auditing, and security. CISA is a professional certification that would be provided by the ISACA. This certification is considered to be globally known and would be accepted by many companies.

Well, if we talk about preparing for the CISA Exam, you should follow the below-mentioned tips and also opt for the SPOTO CISA Exam Dumps to obtain success in a single attempt.

1) Early Exam Planning

Individuals who would be willing to appear for the CISA certification exam would have to plan early, as this exam will require proper preparation to understand the CISA concepts and pass the exam in the first attempt. It would always be suggested that the individual begin their preparation 3 to 4 months before their exam date. For instance, if you plan to take the exam in December, you must start your practice in August or September. CISA candidates are required to chalk out a timetable and dedicate few hours for the preparation of CISA. They would have to stick to their schedule to cover all the topics of CISA.

2) Referring ISACA Review Manual

It would be recommended that the individuals plan for attempting the ISACA CISA Certification exam, which would be referring to the Review Manual of ISACA. You would be planning to take the exam for the year. It would also be suggested that participants apply other books for a solid understanding of CISA concepts. But first preference would be given to the Review Manual from ISACA.

3) Joining a Review Course

It would be recommended that the CISA individuals attend review courses conducted by the volunteers. This would help the exam takers as they would be obtaining in-depth information about the subject, and it would be useful for them to pass the CISA exam. By attending ISACA CISA training sessions, they would also be able to come across some tips and techniques that would help them in their exam preparation.

4) Thinking as an accountant

It would be essential that the exam takers start thinking like an accountant. By doing this, they would be able to emerge assessing qualities that could help understand the question. Most of the CISA professionals who would take this exam come from an accounting background or financial services industry. So if you wish to make this as a habit, then it would be able to help you out in judging the correct answer.

5) Taking Practice Tests

By assessing CISA Questions in this manner, they would know why this question is asked and why this answer is considered relevant to this question. In other words, they should not learn the questions and answers, as there would be every possibility that the same question could be asked differently. So it is suggested that you should understand the concept of the problem rather than memorizing answers for it. By taking regular CISA practice tests, you would be able to come across various content areas covered in the exam.

At the End

Though the CISA exam is believed to be quite hard, you would be able to clear this exam with ease if you would be preparing thoroughly for the exam and covering all the CISA Syllabus topics. If you would have obtained thorough knowledge on the CISA subject, you could pass this exam with flying colors. It would also help if you opted for the SPOTO CISA Exam Dumps to obtain success in your first attempt.


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