What Are Some of the Weaknesses of SD WAN?

software-defined networking solution is getting popular every day, a cloud-based open architecture designed to control the entire network using programmable capabilities. The Cisco SD-WAN is a highly scalable and secure solution rolled out by Cisco.

Many other competitors offer networking solutions besides Cisco; however, Cisco is among the big technology giants and is also considered a pioneer in networking technology.

SD-WAN is the next level in networking technology because of its reliability, security, and service quality. It can be optimized to maximize productivity, which can be checked on a real-time basis. The importance of SD-WAN came to light because of the traditional networking technologies lacking virtualization friendly nature.

However, SD-WAN customization still requires to be regulated to meet the required industry standards. SD-WAN technology has a lot of features. However, there are still a few weaknesses that might need some attention.

It may take some time to fix these issues. SD-WAN is best known for its preferred agility and responsiveness. Besides such pros, here are some of the cons related to SD-WAN technology:

The SD-WAN solution is designed so that the entire network has relied heavily on the IT staff. Although there are built-in intrusion prevention and malware protection with an end to end encryption, however, there are chances that some virus may transmit using encryption modules.

SD-WAN has recently stepped into the technology world, so the businesses have to continue with traditional networking technology besides SD-WAN. This was increasing its operating costs, which is also a weakness in implementing SD-WAN.

It might take a little time to overcome this particular weakness. Some businesses are currently using hybrid versions, including both traditional and latest technologies on a parallel basis.

SD-WAN architecture is used to control any given network by implementing an SD-WAN controller above any such network. Although it is a graphic user interface model, the IT staff have to work with due diligence to troubleshoot issues; otherwise, they will have to look for third-party support, which can cost them money SD-WAN weaknesses. It can also be concluded that SD-WAN solutions are immune to slow performance as well.

Every SD-WAN vendor's solution varies, so it is hard to find out which solution is genuinely software-defined. Many businesses can still prefer cisco SD-WAN solutions because they provide network technology solutions for many decades now.

They usually ensure quantity as well as quality based on every aspect of their business. They also ensure that the IT professionals handling their products and solutions have immense knowledge of their solutions/products.

Cisco conducts many IT certifications too, which are high in demand and respected in the market also. They thoroughly checked these IT professionals by taking written and lab exams.

Those IT guys who pass these exams are entitled to Cisco's certification, which validates their employers' skills to be relied upon. Passing the Cisco exam is not an easy task because it requires a lot of practice and preparation.

The individuals who are willing to take Cisco certification can supplement their brain using Cisco exam dumps. They can also search for Spoto Cisco practice tests to see how the actual exam looks like.

Concluding SD-WAN technology's weaknesses, it can be ascertained that any new upcoming technology requires some time before the actual version comes out. The same is the case with the SD-WAN networking technology; it will take some time to coup up with such weaknesses with the new upcoming innovations.


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