What Are Two Attributes of An SD WAN Network?

SD-WAN is a centralized control that is used to drive traffic across the WAN network efficiently. This increases the productivity of the application, which can be scalable and highly secure at the same time. SD-WAN is one of the next level innovations in the networking industry, a replacement for traditional networking.

The SD-WAN solutions are highly scalable, multi-tenant, secure, and productive at the same time. The reports can be viewed in real-time and configured accordingly. Besides its significant benefits and cost-effectiveness, there are two main attributes of an SD-WAN network;

Augments MPLS with affordable bandwidth connections

One of the significant attributes of the SD-WAN network is that it can replace MPLS at lower costs. It provides direct internet access to applications that were previously using MPLS circuits leased by Internet Service Providers.

Although they were designed to provide a secure and reliable way of transmitting critical information across the channels, MPLS has a very steep price. Each of the information packets is labeled with specific information, so the routers do not interfere with these packets.

MPLS being reliable and secure does come up with many advantages as well as disadvantages too. However, due to high costs and many other downsides in the MPLS configurations, SD-WAN can be among the best solutions for many companies requiring unparalleled services relatively low compared to the MPLS.

Simplifies with zero-touch provisioning and centralized control

The SD-WAN solution provides zero-touch provisioning with centralized control over the entire network. This attribute is one of the breakthroughs that traditional networking technology was lacking.

Through this new technology attribute, most manual labor can be removed while configuring any given network. Here are a few hidden benefits which can be derived by the simplified SD-WAN technology:

With the centralized management function, changes can be made worldwide using a single click of the mouse. The SD-WAN based solutions are designed with simplified configurable solutions that can be easily detected by any application running over the network. Web-based console provisioning can be quickly done using SD-WAN.

The SD-WAN automation process enables the network manager to route the traffic depending upon the situation quickly. So they can manage the network using performance-based policy routing.

The SD-WAN solution provides detailed real-time reporting, which can help the network manager improve the system's performance. SD-WAN also offers a fast setup for secure communications in a short time.

Cisco SD-WAN solutions are the top among other networking solutions. Although many different companies claim to provide software-defined solutions, it is hard to believe either the solution provided by them is genuinely following SD protocols.

Cisco provides certified technical staff for the deployment of their SD-WAN solutions. These certified technical professionals are well-versed in all of the skills required to handle SD-WAN equipment and solutions.

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