• Cisco CCIE Collaboration LAB Exam Training and Dumps

Cisco CCIE Collaboration LAB Exam Training and Dumps

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SPOTO CCIE Collaboration Lab Exam Study Plan:

Choose SPOTO CCIE Collaboration lab study materials, we will help you to finish the Cisco CCIE collaboration online training for 10 weeks.
Cisco CCIE Collaboration LAB Study Plan
Step 1: 3 weeks to practice Dial-PLAN.
Step 2: 3 weeks to practice Edge&Media.
Step 3: 2 weeks to practice App&API
Step 4: 1 week to practice TS1.
Step 5: 1 week to practice DIAG and review all materials.


SPOTO CCIE Collaboration Lab TS Demo:

Ticket 1: HQ Dial Plan
SIP Outbound Calls HQ users could not make outbound national or
international PSTN calls through a newly installed HQ- CUBE. When
dialing from the HQ Jabber client, the following calls are failing:
ü 919725252222
ü 9011442085554444
ü 9011442085554444#
Troubleshoot dial plan configuration on the HQ UCM as well as the
HQ CUBE to fix the problem. Make sure all three calls above can ring

SPOTO CCIE Collaboration Lab DIAG Demo:
1 – IP Phone Registration Issue with CUCME:
Use the email thread (email messages are presented in a chronological manner)
and the attached document to understand the devices involved and registration
issue encountered by your customer. Choose the root cause from the options

SPOTO CCIE Collaboration Lab CFG Demo:

1-Protocol and API
1.a SIP Signaling Protocol Analysis
You have been tasked to capture evidence that the backup call processing UCM at the HQ Site do
indeed exchange keep-alive with Cisco 8845 IP phones. From the UCM SDI traces on the appropriate
server, locate the keep-alive reply from the server to the IP Phone. Copy only the keep-alive reply SIP
the message, and paste it in the text file on HQ-PC’s desktop named “protocol-one.txt”
2 – Infrastructure and QoS 
Call Control and Dial Plan
4-Endpoints, User Management, and Mobility
4.a CUCM Hardware Phone Configuration
5-Edge Services 
5.aCUBE High Availability (HA)
6-Media Resources, Meetings, and Call Recording 
7-Collaboration Applications 
7.a Cisco Unity Connection for Hardware and Soft Endpoints

1. How long is my service period?
Our standard service period of CCIE Collaboration lab is 3 months.

2. How many remote rack hours are included?
Up to 180 hours within your service period.
You can purchase additional hours at USD$ 300 per 40 hours within your service period. Please contact our tutor (service@spoto.net ) for extension.

3. What happens if the exam becomes unstable?
We make sure you will receive updated information and materials as soon as we learned any changes to the exam. In case we learned any major changes happened during your service period, your remaining service period will be calculated from the date we learned the exam becomes stable again.

4. How to use remote rack?
you use the software of CRT to login. We have a tutorial to show you how to use.
there is no requirement for PC performance when remote access rack.
You can schedule your practice time on our schedule system, it is 4 hours per session. you can schedule practice time of next week on Friday.

5. How to open workbook and solution?
All of the workbook and solution are encrypted documents,it only allow one pc to open it. We will send a guide to tell you how to open the workbook and solution.
It support windows operating system and Mac operating system

CISCO CCIE Collaboration V2.0 Lab Exam Information:

SPOTO CCIE collaboration lab exam materials include 3 modules: TS, DIAG and CFG

TS:     TS1

How to Pass the CCIE Collaboration V2.0 Lab Exam?



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