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5 Steps to Book the CCIE Lab exam all CCIE participants must know

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table of contents

         2019 CCIE Lab Exam Seat Status

          From lab exam reservation to payment

5 measures to book CCIE LAB exam

      1. Confirm in advance

      2. Schedule exam dates

      3. Check email

      4. Transfer and confirmation request

      5. Check status


1.2019 CCIE Lab Exam Seat Status

For the updating exam updating, the majority of candidates are hurried to take the exam for the updating exam will be more difficult to prepare. In July we helped 61 members passed the CCIE Lab exam, every day two candidates passed. We helped the first one passed CCIE Collaboration Lab exam, CCIE 6 tracks do pass: CCIE R&S, CCIE Security, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Collaboration, CCIE Wireless. ccie lab center

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2.From lab exam reservation to payment

The other day, I received a comment that the flow of booking in the lab was helpful, so I rewrote the article that I deleted in the Petit Renewal.

5 measures to book CCIE LAB exam

1.Confirm in advance

We will access the following two sites, so make sure you can log in.

· Schedule reservation  CCIE Tracker

· Transfer Contact  Certification & Communities Online Support


2.Schedule exam dates

Log in to CCIE Tracker and make a reservation. Labs cannot reserve on Saturdays and Sundays, and even on weekdays there is no good day, so let's coordinate with the work beforehand.

The lab can be rescheduled only once, but it is charged. It's $ 500.

Click Book a Lab to select Lab Type, Location, Data. Select the desired place and date. I think Lab Type only shows what can be taken. I think that there are a lot of people in Tokyo in Location but be careful not to be mistaken for Tokyo and Toronto. The date is selected from the calendar below. If you move the cursor, Available Seats will be displayed.

Check the seat, the black means there is no seat, and green means that you can book it. Choose the green one and go next


3. Check email

After a short time, you will receive an email called Online Lab Scheduling Confirmation. This is unexpectedly fast. At the beginning of the e-mail, it is described as PLEASE READ AS THERE ARE IMPORTANT CHANGES TO TOKYO LAB FEE, BANK ACCOUNT AND LOCATION. All mail should be read, but PAYMENT INFORMATION: is located on the 75th to 76th lines, so first check the latest lab fee from here and the indicated URL. 

In addition, it is stated that it is necessary to pay in full by 90 days before the desired date, but this seems to be fine even before 90 days.


It says that it guarantees a reservation by paying by 90 days ago, but the present condition is the day when it can be reserved from 90 days onwards. For example, it will be 10/22 or later when it becomes vacant from 7/23 to 90 days, but 10/20 is the last day of possible October, and there are only 5 days in November. In addition, reservations from 1/21 cannot be made further. In other words, according to the law, there is no choice but to choose from the 5th of November. This is tough.

It would be nice if individuals could make an immediate transfer, but I think there are cases where they can be paid through the company, so it is better to check in advance if you want to have payment postponed to Cisco even if you wish to take the exam before 90 days. It will be.

Today, when I asked other candidates, I said that I had time to pay.


4.Transfer and confirmation request

It is the main event.

If you look at the PDF, it is written in words that are not familiar with the electronic remittance, but since it is a Japanese bank, it is simply transferred to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. If it is completed in (4) of "Important", please open a case and attach a payment confirmation. When you say payment confirmation, is it? However, it is the item of the transfer. If you transfer by ATM, it is a small copy that comes out with your cash card. Also, (1) states that the name, company name and exam date should be filled in for remittance. You may want to check in advance the number of characters available in your bank.

In the case of me, it was from Mizuho Bank, but since there was no such thing as a correspondence column at the time of transfer, the name of the transfer person was used using the full name.


A is a name, B is a company name

When the transfer is complete, we will open a case and contact you so let's scan and prepare the details above.

The case open from online support, item attached. (It is okay even in Japanese)


If you send a case here and it works, there may be some response. In my case, the screen seems to be a failure and not smooth. Follow the link and phone contact will appear, so I will explain the situation here.

※ At this time, I directly interacted with the person in charge of online support.


5. Check status

Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email titled " Thank you for your ccie lab reschedule exam payment." I do not think this will come soon, so wait patiently. Check the Payment Status in CCIE Tracker when you receive the email. It is OK if it is Paid via Wire Transfer.

If you need a receipt, email it to the CCIE Lab Center listed in the PDF.

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