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How to Reduce the Cost of the CCIE?

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 CCIE consist of two exams, which would be the CCIE Written Exam and the CCIE  Lab Exam.

CCIE Written Exam:

You are first required to pass the two-hour, written qualification exam, which would be covering the networking concepts and some equipment commands before you became eligible to schedule for the lab exam. other about ccie wireless lab dumps ccie dumps 2019

The CCIE has 4 expensive parts

The least expensive way to pass the exam is to pass the exams for the very first time. That is no small feat, and it is certainly not the shortest path to success. Years of hands-on experience with large, complex networks is considered the best way to learn the material. Once you have achieved that level of experience should then and then only you consider taking on this beast of a certification, which would be starting with the written exam.

  • Written exam – $450 x times of exams taken

Once you feel ready for the CCIE R&S Exam, you would have to start with the written exam. The 400-101expert exams are two hours and that would be comprised of about 90 to 110 questions. Once you have successfully passed the written section of the CCIE, you could make arrangements for the lab exam, which we have to look at below.

You would have 18 months after the written exam in order to take and pass the lab, and the written exam is good for three years. That is important because most people would have to take the lab exam multiple times.


  • Lab exam – $1,600 x times taken

After passing the CCIE written exam, are you ready to take the lab exam? In fact, a survey on the Internet shows that the average CCIE needs to take the exam 2.3 times before passing. $1600 per attempt, plus travel and accommodation (more about the following), CCIE lab exams cost $4900

There is a glimmer of hope here. You can take the lab exam as many times as you need without having to get the written part again. As long as they try within three years, the written exam is still valid. In the end, there is no cheap way through the lab, but the cheapest way through the lab is to prepare properly for the first time through SPOTO exclusive study materials.


  • CCIE study material – $100 to $5,000

This is one of the most obvious places in order to start for tallying the costs of studying for your CCIE R&S. It is also the place that would save the most money down the road. Study material is going to be a potentially big investment.

The cost varies greatly. CCIE R&S boot camps would be easily cost $2,200 to $5,000, which doesn’t include food or lodging. There are plenty of resources available online. None of them are free. Or at least the good ones wouldn’t be free. Check out the SPOTO and gain the best boot camps at the best price.


  • Exam Travel and Lodging – $800 to $1,250 x times taken

Cisco also operates CCIE mobile labs that offer various exams for all the technology tracks. The status legend would seem in order to imply dates and locations that aren’t immediately confirmed when they’re posted. Open registration doesn’t indicate availability, and they could seemingly be canceled or postponed due to small enrollment or other reasons.

The lab exam is considered to be a grueling eight hours long and starts at 8:30 a.m. Most people spend the night that would ahead of their exam. The last thing you wish is to walk off with a red-eye flight directly into your lab, or risk a delay and miss the start time. For that reason, figure you are having at least one night of hotel accommodations into the CCIE cost, but maybe two.

How to Reduce the Cost of the CCIE

There are 2 useful ways to reduce the cost of the CCIE.

The first one is to find the Cisco exam voucher by yourself on the internet, which will help you save the cost of the Cisco exam fee.→voucher store

Vouchers are prepaid exam certificates that enable test centers, companies, academic institutions and other organizations to save money and provide benefits to stakeholders.


  • Save money by buying coupons in bulk
  • Centralized management of certification program management
  • Eliminate paperwork by distributing documents electronically
  • Easily bundle certification with your training program


The cheapest way to pass the exam is to pass it for the first time, which greatly increases your commitment in the short term. You need to understand internal and external Cisco technology and are no substitute for experience, practice, and excellent learning habits.

While learning, keep thinking about what such certification can do for your career. After all your efforts and efforts, a raise will certainly help ease the blow, but there are more ideas.

Your career prospects will be open around you, and exciting high-level job opportunities will be on your fingertips. CCIE is a major investment-once passed, considerable achievements will be made.

If you want to achieve any of the Cisco Related Certifications, you could join the SPOTO to gain the boot camps and gain the best training that would be provided by them.


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