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Best CCIE Routing and Switching 400-101 Preparation

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  •   Posted on: 2019-05-05
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Best CCIE Routing and Switching 400-101 Preparation

You would be already familiar with the exam commencement. You will be given a series of questions, along with a preset timing, and though you are going to have a long time of 120 minutes. CCIE Routing and Switching exam will enable you to gain the expertise knowledge of configuring, validating and troubleshooting complex as well as the network infrastructure. It will help you to understand the inter-operation of the components of the infrastructure and even will help you to translate the functional requirements into a specific configuration of a device.


You would need to remember certain things if you want to excel in this examination.


  • Understanding the concept CCIE R&S 400-101 clearly:


It is not an ordinary exam, where you expect to learn the basic topic and then form your answers on your own. You will need understanding about individual silos of networking, along with the features of protocols of routing as well as the security features. You will need to go through the WAN topologies as well and also you have to gain knowledge about interacting into the real environment. In short, you will have to grasp the impact of high-level on the whole network of the way you are going to implement a particular feature. There will be consequences for your actions, which you have to understand as we know that there are numerous possible variations of configuring all the features.


  • Experience in Routers and Switches:


A configuration experience will come in handy if you want to pass this exam. You should learn about enabling the configuration quickly and accurately. If you can do this, it would be very much beneficial for you as without this skill, you won’t be able to finish the lab exam in the allotted period of eight hours. Giving the lab exam will need lots of experience and the ability to perform at the same competency level each time. You will only succeed if you keep these things in mind and then practice the configuration.


  • Skills related to CCIE RS 400 101 exams:


Certain skills you need to develop in yourself in order to excel in this exam, like the time-management, solid understanding of exam environment and a fine-tuned analytical approach of giving this exam. You need to relax and sit down with your lab requirements along with the documents and have a quick glance at what you are being asked in each and every question. In order to gain success in this analysis, there are only two ways. Either you take this exam again and again and find out your errors and rectify it or you may choose another option.


  • After CCIE R&S 400 101 Written Exam:

Usually, many people take a break after clearing the CCIE written exam. You could do the same, or you may start practicing for the Lab exam, which will be the next step for your CCIE certification. You may need a year or more, but it would be advisable to spend of at least a few months’ preparations, dedicated to only lab exams. You may need to sacrifice the early mornings, late nights, or both. It all will depend on the functioning of the brain. Speaking of which, you need to learn about understanding and working on your strengths. You need to find out that at what time your brain functions the best. It may be in the early morning and maybe at late nights, varying from person to person.  But all this is the stuff which we will worry about later. Right now your every ounce of energy should be spent on the preparation of the written exam.


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