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CCIE RS Lab TS/DIAG++++/ CFG feedback

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-26
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The interface is not used, it takes 1 hour and 50 minutes.

Q1 The wrong point is the same as the version.

Q2 R3 is fully configured. You only need to modify the configuration of the R17 interface.

Q3 Only need to modify the ACL of R2

Q4 Same as the version.

Q5 Same as the version

Q6 Same as the version

Q7 Same as the version

Q8 The interface has a DHCP ACL and authentication open. My phenomenon can't come out, and I can only delete the ACL. This question may be deducted.

Q9 Same as the TS version. By the way, Hong Kong's mouse sensitivity is too high, and in terms of use, it is quite bad for me.


According to the order of the questions, I checked the 10 minutes and did not find the wrong point until the fourth question was distinguished, so the most important thing when testing is “sinking”.


First, check if ISE is connected and can log in.

Before eating, I knocked out NTP, log, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and everything went well.

After eating, directly knock out all parts of ISE. Then NGIPS, WSA. Then check the effect, R1 and R2 can establish a neighbor, but the CTO value is 5000, restarting R1 and R2 does not work. There is an attempt to create a new object during the period. The troubleshooting took 15 minutes but the result was not enough, then I changed the rule, restarted to solve!

The next knock on the VPN is to follow the problem, in addition to 3.3 sitevrfb some problems, R4 and R5 have neighbors, also announced the route of loopback200, but the other party is not able to learn, check 5 minutes, no results, give up, continue down knock.

About 1 hour from the exam, I knocked out all the exam questions, and the SW2 mab and dot1x had no effect.

At 25 minutes from the end of the exam, SW2 still has no effect, restart SW2, this operation is very dangerous and it is not recommended to try. After rebooting, I tested the fail state of ASA1 and ASA2, the cluster of ASA3 and ASA4, EtherChannel, MABPC, dot1xPC, wireless and PC.

After all the tests, there are still 3 minutes left until the end of the exam. Quietly waiting for the end of the exam, waiting for the fate of the arrangement, but fortunately, this time, lucky came to me.


Key tips:

Usually practice more, knock more TXT

(Thank you again, Teacher Chen, without your embarrassment more than once, I will not have the luck of this time. At the same time, thank you, Mr. Zhong, for the phrase "steady" before the exam, which completely stabilized my heart.) Also, this time I went to Shenzhen by train. From Hong Kong to Shenzhen, it took nearly 30 hours to take the train. During this day, I re-trained the situation and the teacher’s video, summarized it again. At the same time, it also reveals my shortcomings that I usually practice fewer, hope my bro will not make my mistakes.

Finally, I will spit out a sentence. The video of Mr. Zhong’s video is “The Winning Book”, so be sure to check it over and over again.

Thank you again for your great support from the teachers and the brothers in the group. insist, come on!


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