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exclusive! the latest study plan of CCIE LAB Exam on July 2

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There are numerous expert-level internet engineers with 8-20 years relevant work experience in SPOTO CLUB. They focus on Cisco certification exam and helped candidates pass their CCIE Lab exam at first try with SPOTO, thus there around 1-3 candidates get their CCIE number every exam day.

1.Workbook & Solution

SPOTO with complete and valid workbooks & solutions for every candidate to study. When there is new workbook show up, SPOTO will get it ready with candidates’ feedback and get the materials ready at the first time. There are 1300+ candidates get CCIE number with SPOTO lab materials.

2.Lab Video & Tutor assistance

We will provide lab videos, which explain the request and solution, showing how to config lab and every video lasts 2-5 hours in English. Tutor will assist your study from beginning to end. When you encounter difficulties on studying lab, tutor will solve problem for you.

3.Unit Tests and Mock Exam

we provide unit test to test how much you master the lab materials and strengthen and improve your lab study progress. Mock exam test in order to test whether you are able to clear your lab exam or not. If you pass the exam and tutor do advice you to take exam, which means you can pass at very high possibility. SPOTO lab passing rate is up to 96%.

4.  Technical Support Timely

     Senior instructors will assist you to fully prepare your lab exam. If you are encounter difficulties when you practice labs, instructor will offer technical support timely and explain topics completely until you understand them.


1.CCIE Routing and Switching V5.0 Lab Dumps & Training

1.1 SPOTO CCIE RS Lab Exam Information:

1.2 SPOTO CCIE Routing and Switching V5.0 Lab Exam Study Plan

  • If you don't know the CCIE RS LAB clearly, you can choose plan one

  • If you  know the CCIE RS LAB clearly, you can choose plan two. 



2.CCIE Security v5.0 LAB Dumps & Training

2.1 SPOTO CCIE Security Lab Exam Information:

2.2 SPOTO CCIE SEC v5.0 LAB Examination Study Plan

  • If you don't know the CCIE SEC LAB clearly, you can choose plan one
  • If you  know the CCIE SEC LAB clearly, you can choose plan one

3.CCIE Service Provider v4.1 LAB & Training

3.1 SPOTO CCIE SP Lab Exam Information:

3.2 SPOTO CCIE Service Provider Lab Exam v4.1 Study Plan


4.CCIE Wireless Lab Dumps & Training

4.1 SPOTO CCIE Wireless Lab Exam Information:

4.2 SPOTO CCIE Wireless Lab Exam v3.1 Study Plan

5.CCIE Data Center LAB Dumps & Training

5.1 SPOTO CCIE DC Lab Exam Information:

5.2 SPOTO CCIE Data Center Lab Exam v2.1 Study Plan


6.CCIE Collaboration LAB Dumps & Training

6.1 SPOTO CCIE DCCollaboration Lab Exam Information:

6.2 SPOTO CCIE Collaboration Center Lab Exam v2.1 Study Plan


You'll get CCIE in three months if you  join in SPOTO CLUB and follow SPOTO CCIE LAB study plans.

More info can be found in SPOTO WHATSAPP Study Group.

Visit SPOTO Service Support, get quick and easy feedback on issues related to Cisco services, and communicate with Cisco service support experts.


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