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How long is the CCIE valid? Do you need to recertify?

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-08
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How long is the CCIE valid? Do you need to recertify?

How long is the CCIE valid? CCIE is the world's recognized authority for IT industry certification, and is the top certification in the global Internetworking field. Today we will introduce the validity period of CCIE.


The first thing to be sure is that CCIE certification is definitely valid. The Internet industry is changing very fast. In order for CCIE to track new technologies in real time and maintain the Internet technology level of experts holding CCIE certificates, Cisco will conduct re-certification every two years from the beginning of CCIE certification.


In addition, the CCIE written test is also valid. It is valid for 18 months. That is to say, the candidate must go to the first laboratory test within 18 months of passing the CCIE written test. If the first test fails, the test will be passed. Take a lab test every 12 months to keep the written test results valid. If the candidate fails to pass the lab test within three years of passing the written test, he or she will need to retake the test and pass the written test to qualify for the re-registration lab test. There is no limit to the number of written exams. If you take the written test again after the written test, it will take 180 days. If the written test fails, you need to take the test again 15 days apart. (temporary uncertainty)


When candidates pass the CCIE written test and the experimental test, they must remember to re-certify. If you do not re-certify, the corresponding rights granted by cisco will be gone. CCIE authentication is divided into three states: active, suspended, and inactive.

1. If you do not re-certify for more than two years, then your CCIE status will become suspended in the third year, meaning that your CCIE number is temporarily suspended and needs to be re-authenticated during the year.

2. In the suspended state, you can reactivate your CCIE number by taking any CCIE written test. That is to say, within 3 years of passing the CCIE certification, you can complete any re-certification by taking any CCIE written test.

3. If you still have not re-certified, then your CCIE status will become inactive from the fourth year. If you want to activate this CCIE number, you will need to perform another LAB test, which will increase the time. Cost and economic costs. Specific cost reference: How much is the CCIE registration fee? Where can I test?


In addition to CCIE, Cisco's other two levels of certificates are also valid. CCNA and CCNP are valid for three years. CCNA's re-authentication method is very simple. It is to re-test CCNA, and CCNP re-certification needs to be owned. The CCNA certificate is issued under the condition that the CCNA certificate is valid, and then any of the three subjects in the CCNP level examination, or the existing CCIE written test, can complete the re-authentication.

In summary, CCIE is valid for two years and has a one-year buffer time. Candidates should remember to complete re-certification within the validity period.



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