The Cisco changes of CCIE LAB exam

Recently, many people are speculating about the release of CCIE RS LAB H4. Although RS LAB is updated, it is H3+. There is no message about H4 yet. Not only the RS direction is updated, but also other directions have changed.

new changes in CCIE wireless lab, CCIE SP lab, CCIE DC lab and CCIE R&S lab. Here are the details:



CCIE Wireless lab


CCIE SP lab:

New TS3

CCIE DC lab:


CCIE R&S lab:

New Lab H3+

According to these changes, we already have the solutions to these lab exams.



CCIE Wireless lab:

We have New DIAG and passed it on July 15, 2019.


We already have answers of 7 tickets and will get all the answers this week.


We will update the latest New DIAG solution ASAP.

CCIE R&S lab:

SPOTO candidates still can pass the lab exam. But we will update the latest lab H3+ to candidates ASAP.


But how to preparing for CCIE RS LAB? don’t worry. follow SPOTO’S Study Plan and you'll get what you want.

Complete CCIE R&S Lab online training within 12 weeks if you practice lab materials 3 hours per day. Tutors and services will assist you along with the whole preparation. Every module we do provide workbooks, solutions, and video tutorials. You can watch videos first, and practice materials.

Phase 1: Two weeks to practice H2 CFG

Phase 2: Two weeks to practice TS1

Phase 3: Two weeks to practice CFG H1, H1

Phase 4: Five days to practice all incidents of TS2

Phase 5: Two days to practice DIAG

Phase 6: One week to practice CFG H2+

Phase 7: You can access to H3 CFG+, TS2 new faults after you compete phase1 to phase6

Phase 8: Two weeks to review

Phase9: We will provide a DIAG VCE test 10 days before your Lab exam

Join SPOTO to be the next CCIE.


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