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My CCIE SP Written and Lab Exam Experience

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  •   Posted on: 2019-07-03
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1: Why should I take CCIE SP?

I learned related majors in school, so when I have a better chance to learn relevant knowledge, I did not hesitate to study too much. There are many opportunities in life, so be good at grasping. I am not sure that the decision I made must be completely correct (it is completely correct now), but there is no win.

In fact, the high school teachers are wrong. In fact, universities should learn more than high school. If you don't choose a direction and don't choose a future, then you can easily sink in college and don't choose comfort in your youth.

So, first understand why you do what, why do it, this is the most important.

2: Why choose a learning institution

Many people may think that there are a lot of online learning videos now, and it is not necessary to spend so much money to train institutional training. I also felt that at the beginning, but then I realized that it would be faster to report to a training class and have a shortcut. So I also decisively choose SPOTO.

In the training institutions, you can recognize more people, the circle of people will be a lot more invisible, and when you encounter problems, there will be many people answering for you. Many questions will be spent if you explore it yourself. Long time, and not necessarily understand the principle. It is a pity that these ineffective time is wasted.

The most important advantage may be that someone urges you to learn. As I said earlier, it is easy to indulge in college. I just came out from my family and didn't manage my abilities. It is easy to indulge yourself. Eat, drink and have fun all day. Without a goal, it's hard to know what you will be. If you go to the training class, someone will inform you every day to go to class. So it will be much better.

3: How to learn Cisco certification

1) When you are in class, you must concentrate on listening to the lesson. If you don't ask for it, you must remember it, but each question must be understood. (understand)

2) My habit is to read the screen again (records of class), then pause, use word records again, remember each knowledge point, and write a lot of influence will deepen a lot. to sum up.

3) Then read more books, do more experiments, and back up important knowledge points.

4) Write the knowledge points on paper, and then try to recall the relevant knowledge. If you are unclear, review it again.

5) Look at some published books on related knowledge such as TCP/IP. Because the knowledge points are understood, it is not difficult to read them because they are difficult to understand. At this time, reading these extracurricular books will have some gains.

4: How to take CCIE

First of all, determine how strong your desire to pass CCIE, after all, this is a protracted war, you need to persist. Then determine if your level is in place (you can ask your tutor). Be prepared for your time and energy, and of course you have money.

The CCIE exam is divided into a CCIE SP 400-201 written test and LAB. You must test the LAB in the one and a half years of the written test. Otherwise, the written test is invalid. The written test backs the library, because it is all in English, and the test site covers a lot of knowledge, so the written test can directly recite the question, and it is not too much to learn from the knowledge.

After the CCIE RS written test is completed, you need to test LAB in one and a half years, first ensure that the theory can be, and then prepare for at least two months to knock the experiment. The registration fee for LAB is $1600. This time is a very difficult time. I don’t see the sky, I don’t trim the margins, I’m going to do the experiment early.

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