Stable SPOTO CCIE RS LAB(TS2, Diag2+, LAB3)

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Stable SPOTO CCIE RS LAB(TS2, Diag2+, LAB3)


SPOTO TS2: 10 and 30


2. Trace goes Checking ospf finds that the cost value of an interface has been modified.


3. Same as usual practice


4.Route-map is not applied


5.R60 tun0 subnet mask is wrong


6.Vlan2001 is not divided into ospfv3


7.R10:distance ospf external 210 .There are several interfaces that are not configured with mpls ip


8.Sw310: ip dhcp snooping information option Aggregation port: ip arp inspection trust


9. The tunnel interface Ip ospf network type is inconsistent


10.R24 is missing the outside reference R25 completion


Special reminder: Many of the TS2 parts of the DHCP are leased so you need to check carefully!!!



SPOTO DIAG section:


Diag2+ examination room gives a lot of information, I directly looking for R2 whether there is RP route to distinguish diag2 or diag2+






It’s all about the regular mistakes in front of the battle report.


1 Some switches are not configured with sw mo ac. The VTP that is explicitly written in the title is closed. Check whether all devices have vtp closed.


The 2SW500-501/SW510 is a clear indication of the port number as opposed to the previous two areas. 300 and 301 configurations


3 SW300/SW301 spanning-tree mst si pvst global


4 Check the router-id of ospf and BGP


5 Test room R42 is given ospf process 2. Please pay attention to the test topology map.


6SW110, sw111 did not passvie vlan2000/2001 so I did not suppress the two vlan


7SW100/SW101 did not announce loopback 1 so remember to make up.


8SW210/SW211/SW200/SW201 BGP has configured the next hop, I am not lost.


There is a lease on dhcp on 9R70 that I am not lost.


10R71 nat test room pre-match can be used so do not move. The VPN interest stream can refer to the R24 configuration to reverse the R24 match.



Finally, thank you very much SPOTO CLUB! At the same time, I am very grateful to the SPOTO CLUB teacher. During the preparation period, each set gave me more than 20 wrong points which made me be more confident to go to the exam. This is why I chose SPOTO CLUB!


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