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Where Could I Find the latest CCIE DC Lab Dumps?

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  •   Posted on: 2019-07-22
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The lab exam of CCIE Data Center is divided into a two-part eight-hour timed based exam that would test the skills of the candidate’s in diagnosing, configuring and troubleshooting complex data center topologies. The two parts to the eight-hour lab exam are to be taken in the sequence which would be mentioned below, during the day of the exam starting with Part 1, followed by the next part which is Part 2:


Part 1: Diagnostic module

The Candidates would be providing certain pieces of information similar to information that would be provided to a Data Center support engineer who would be assisting a customer finding the root cause of an issue, and similar to information that would be provided by someone who has been stuck in troubleshooting an issue. No device access would be accessible is in this module.


The module is going to include questions like multiple-choice, drag-and-drop style items, and point-and-click style items. The Diagnostic module, which is also known as troubleshoot tickets, contains a set of documents that the candidate would be consulting in order to be able to identify and understand the root cause of the issue presented. Candidates would also have to analyze and correlate information in order to diagnose among the pre-defined options which would be provided by them.

Part 2: Configuration & Troubleshooting module

The Configuration and Troubleshooting module would be tested on the hands-on practical capabilities of the candidates. It would be consisting of various scenarios based on one topology. At the beginning of the module, the candidate would be having a full overview of the entire module; and could make a choice to whether to work on items in a sequence or not. Candidates aren’t going to be allowed to go back as well as forth between the modules during the exam.


Introduction to CCIE DC Lab dumps for SPOTO

You could be completing CCIE DC Exam online training within 6 weeks if you would be practicing through the SPOTO CCIE DC lab material three hours daily. Tutors, as well as service, would be assisting you along with the whole preparation. Every module SPOTO provides workbooks, solutions, as well as tutorial videos. Watch tutorial videos before, first, you need to get acquainted about how to do on work; practice lab materials.


Phase One: You would be spending about five weeks to practice the CFG & TS module until no mistake.

Phase Two: You would be spending about one week to practice the DIAG module until no mistake.

Phase Three: You would be reviewing about two module materials and confirm with the tutor about the exam.

Why choose SPOTO?


  • Fast Update

SPOTO provides an update that would be Based on the candidate’s feedback overall around the world and expert’s research on fifteen-year on the Cisco exam, and also updates it as and when it is needed. The information provided by the SPOTO keeps up with Cisco, therefore when the exam is ready, they would be able to provide valid exam questions to candidates.


  • Simulated Exam Practice system

SPOTO not only provides the valid questions but they would be also providing the candidates the simulated real exam practice system so that they could adapt to the real exam both content-wise as well as environment wise.


  • Customer First

When you contact them, their course consultant would be informing you about the valid information quickly. After buying the product and service of SPOTO, it would have lost no time in updating the dump information, if the dump is being updating, service would be advising you to reschedule or not schedule an exam until it is stable. If you encountered difficult on practice dump, their teachers would be assisting you.


So, if you wish to clear the CCIE Data Center Lab Exam, you would be able to do it with the help of the prep courses offered by the SPOTO.


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