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How to prepare & pass CCIE Exam

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-10
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table of contents

1. What is CCIE? Cisco Certified Senior Engineer Qualification

2. CCIE exam

2.1 Six exam tracks
2.2 CCIE exams 2 stages 
2.3 Pre-requisites for the exam 
2.4 Question type format 
2.5 CCIE certification flow

3. What is the difficulty of the CCIE?

3.1 Level 4 in IT Skill Standard 9.2 Comparison of difficulty level

4. The exam fee for CCIE

5. CCIE exam schedule

5.1 Written exam 
5.1.1 Reservation method and application period 
5.1.2 Use Pearson VUE online 
5.1.3 Flow of examination day

5.1.4 Bringing examination day What to do 
5.2 Lab exams 
5.2.1 How to book and how to apply 
5.2.2 Exam site 
5.2.3 Exam day 
5.2.4 Exam results

6. How to study CCIE

6.1 Cisco Press 
6.2 CCIE Study Site 
6.2.1 Cisco Learning Network Japan 
6.2.2 After CCIE

7. How to Pass CCIE Exam

   7.1 How to Pass CCIE Written Exam

   7.2 How to Pass CCIE Lab Exam

8. Expiration date of CCIE renewal and exam subjects

8.1 How long is the qualification expiration date? 
8.2 What courses should I choose to renew my qualifications?

9. What is the actual annual income of CCIE holders? Can I change jobs, raise my annual income, or improve my career?

9.1 CCIE earner salaries and average annual income 
9.2 If you get a CCIE, will the career change be advantageous? 
9.3 Can I improve my career if I get a CCIE? 
9.4 Is it possible to raise the annual income by acquiring a CCIE?

10. Summary

1. What is CCIE? Cisco Certified Senior Engineer Qualification

The Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) is a qualification that certifies expert-level engineers out of the five grades of Cisco engineers certified by Cisco Systems.

Qualifying for network engineers and general Cisco expertise to certify the highest level of skills worldwide, CCIE is a highly valuable qualification among network engineers.

※ Architect level CCAr is a top qualification in the design field (CCDE).

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2. CCIE exam

2.1 Six exam tracks

The CCIE exam courses are divided into six classes. If you pass one of the six courses, you will be certified as a CCIE.

-CCIE Routing and Switching: Routing & Switching 
-CCIE Security: Security 
-CCIE Collaboration: Collaboration 
-CCIE Data Center: Data Center 
-CCIE Wireless: Wireless 
-CCIE Service Provider: Service Provider

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2.2 Two stages of CCIE testing

Each course has a written exam and a lab exam (a practical exam).

If you pass the written exam, you will be able to take the lab exam and will be certified by passing both the written exam and the lab exam.

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2.3 Prerequisites for the exam

The CCIE has no pre-requisites for the exam.

The CCNP has prerequisites, but the CCIE can be taken by anyone aged 18 and over from any course.

However, in order to get used to Cisco's unique test atmosphere and the wording of questions, it is recommended that you take the exam in stages from the lower qualifications CCNA and CCNP.

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2.4 Question format

Written exams are conducted on all computers at examination centers nationwide, as with CCNP, and problems are displayed and answered on the monitor.

The lab exam is completely different from the previous Cisco certification exam, and a total of eight hours of practical exams will be conducted at the Cisco branch lab room.

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2.5 Flow to CCIE certification

The process of getting certified by CCIE is as follows.

There is a time limit for lab exams as an exam policy, so it is better to schedule exams that focus on lab exams as well as you finish your CCIE written exams.


CCIE Examination Policy

(written examination)

If the written exam fails, you can not take the exam for 15 days, starting from the day after the exam

(Lab test)

You need to take the first lab exam within 18 months after passing the written exam.

If the lab exam fails, you can not take it for 30 days

Lab re-examination must be done within 12 months after the last lab exam date 
※ To maintain the validity of the written exam

If you can not pass the lab exam within 3 years after passing the written exam, the written exam will be withdrawn. 
* It is necessary to take a new exam from the written exam

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3. The difficulty of CCIE

3.1 Level 4 IT Skills Standard

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has classified IT career paths into 35 categories and 11 levels in 11 careers in the career framework of IT skills standard (ITSS (IT Skill Standard)).

According to the relationship between the ITSS Career Framework and certification exams and qualifications (ISV Map Ver 10r3), the CCIE leads the discovery and solution of business problems on its own by utilizing its own skills among seven levels. It corresponds to level 4 ".

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3.2 Comparison of difficulty

According to the relationship between the ITSS Career Framework and the certification exam and qualifications (ISV Map Ver 10r3) mentioned above, the difficulty of each qualification is as follows as a comparison of the difficulty levels.



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