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What are the Renewal Fees of PMP Certifications for PMI Members?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-05-13
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Explicit recharging rules direct PMP accreditation restoration to fulfill the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) and keep a functioning status on the declaration. According to the expressed rules, you should procure the imperative number of expert advancement units (PDU) during the CCR cycle. It additionally incorporates making installments of PMP accreditation restoration charge. PDU's can be procured using few training classifications. Thus, they can be accounted for PMP confirmation recharging. The general cycle is very consistent and includes a couple of steps. 

PMP accreditation reestablishment is a compulsory prerequisite and doesn't devour as much exertion as it takes to acquire one! As a PMP proficient, you expect acknowledgment to guarantee that your work and capacities are repaid at the ideal level. 

This is why it is fundamental to pay the PMP confirmation recharging expense at the due time because having a certificate will keep you open to more freedoms. In addition, passing by the PMI's conviction, experts in the field should keep themselves refreshed with the advancement in their space. Each PMP affirmation recharging involves a pattern of 3 years during which you should procure the imperative PDU's to fit the bill for reestablishment after paying the PMP accreditation restoration charge. 

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Beginning The Process 

To start the interaction of PMP accreditation restoration, you should sign in to the site of PMI. You probably acquired a sum of 60 PDU's during the past accreditation cycle to fit the bill for recharging. 

PDU's can be procured through different formative exercises. They are comprehensively ordered into two classifications: 

Training: This includes acquiring pertinent information to hone your specialized abilities and business the executive's habits. 

Reward the calling: This includes adding to various exercises with the utilization of your particular range of abilities so that you can construct the exchange. 

The accompanying table portrays how PDU's can be acquired through the two alternatives: 

Details of Certificate
Minimum PDU's in education
Maximum PDU's in giving back
3 years

Each one hour of learning grants you with 1 PDU, which can be procured by going to a course or preparing, association gatherings, and conversation with specialists. Subsequently, you will need to report the quantity of PDU's you have acquired before paying the PMP affirmation restoration charge. 

Filling Online Application 

At the following stage, you will need to fill an online application for PMP certificate restoration. It should contain every one of your qualifications and contact data. After this, you will need to reaffirm the code of morals specified by PMI and consent to the recharging arrangement. 

Installment Of Fees 

Next comes the stage for the PMP certificate recharging charge. The accompanying table portrays the design of the expense related to restoration. 

Type of Member
PMP Renewal Fee (in USD)

There is no impulse on sitting tight for the fulfillment of 3 years before paying the PMP accreditation restoration expense and finishing the interaction. However long you have procured 60 PDU's, you may continue with the PMP affirmation recharging measures. In any case, ensure that you are not postponing it past 90 days from the date on which your CCR closes. 

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