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What Would Be the Cost of Doing PMP Certification?

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  •   Posted on: 2021-05-19
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PMP certification or Project Management Professional certification is considered by working professionals because it would be an internationally recognized professional designation that the Project management Institute would directly provide.

You would also gain the 35 hours of relevant education is required to be acknowledged by the project management institute after finishing the PMP certification. PMP certification is considered to be the world's leading PMP or Project managementCertification. Before we get into the Cost of Doing PMP Certification, let's check out the PMP Certification Exam Layout.


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PMP Certification: Exam Layout

    There would be 200 multiple-choice questions which would be part of the PMP certification test. Out of these 200 problems, 25 would be pretest questions. Knowing that you would have 4 hours to answer 200 questions would be enough for bracing you for it.

    There would be a misconception among aspirants that the PMP certification exam questions are explicitly based on the content of the Fifth Edition of PMI's PMBoK v5.

    The PMP certification exam questions would be based on PMP Exam Material Outline, not the PMBoK v6. The mapping between the questions / PMP Exam Material Description and the PMBoK v6 isn't 100 percent, but there would be a clear overlap.

    A Position Delineation Analysis that would be determining a certification holder's on-the-job duties would be the central factor in crafting the outline of the PMP certification examination information. This would be achieved by a series of panels of project team members practicing and additional survey input from a broad sample of project managers, which would be dispersed by industry, geography, and a job position.


Cost for PMP Certification

    The cost structure for the PMP certification exam varies depending on the status of the PMI membership and how the exam is distributed.

    There would be some advantages when applying for a PMP certification test, like a slight variation in the assessment cost, access to latest journals, new developments in project management, and even free download a copy of the PMBoK® Guide Latest Edition, which is considered as a must-read for the PMP certification exam.

    Being a PMI Member isn't considered to be a prerequisite for the PMP certification exam. If your first attempt ends up failing the PMP certification test, you would be allowed to take two more attempts in one year. Keep in mind that each retake of the test would be able to cost you an extra fee.


The following table would be explaining you the fee structure of the PMP certification exam as provided by PMI:



Member Status


PMI Membership Fees



CBT Test Fees





Re-Examination CBT Fees





Total Fees that PMI Charges






In each PMP certification exam distribution, the particular PMP certification test questions would be monitored by psychometric analysis. Subject matter experts distributed internationally are utilized for classifying each difficulty point and the passing score for each exam. Now that you have gone through the Cost of Doing PMP Certification, you must be looking forward to obtaining the same, and for that, you should opt for the SPOTO PMP Exam Dumps.

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