A Significant Update of Cisco’s Professional Certification Program.

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A Significant Update of Cisco’s Professional Certification Program.



Evolution of Cisco’s professional certification program involves both the network professional and now the software developer into one community to create the IT team of the future. SPOTO will give you the latest news and ensure you can know some evolution of CISCO’s certification. What’s more, the evolution will take an effect on 24 February 2020, which means that you have better take the exam soon before the evolution. On February 24, 2020, Cisco will release a new certification and training program. The last day to test under the current certification program is February 23, 2020.



New DevNet Certifications to validate software professionals with DevNet Associate, DevNet Specialist, and DevNet Professional certifications. DevNet certifications are intended for software developers and network engineers who develop software proficiency to develop applications and automated workflows for operational networks and infrastructure.


Streamlined Cisco Certifications to validate engineering professionals with Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA®) and Cisco Specialist certifications as well as Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP®) and Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE®) certifications in enterprise, data center, service provider, security, and collaboration.


Expansion of Cisco Networking Academy offerings to train entry-level network professionals and software developers. Courses prepare students to earn Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA®) and Certified DevNet Associate certifications, equipping them for high demand jobs in the IT industry.

CCIE Certification now involves Enterprise Infrastructure, Enterprise Wireless, Collaboration, Data Center, Security, Service Provider. The CCIE RS certification is replaced with Enterprise Infrastructure, and CCIE Wireless certification replaced with enterprise wireless. Their codes are the same, namely ENCOR 300-401. The others are not changed, but their codes have a huge change. The codes of CCIE Collaboration, Data Center, Security, and Service provider separately are CLCOR 300-801, DCCOR 300-601, SCOR 300-701, SPCOR 300-501.


 Moreover, the CCIE Lab exam consists of two modules. Module1 includes Design with fixed 3 hours, which is similar to the DIAG and no equipment. Module2 involves Deploy, operate and optimize with fixed 5 hours. If you want to become a CCIE, you have more chances to choose the exam that you consider you can be good at. 


The evolution of CCNP Certification exam involves enterprise, collaboration, Data Center, Security, Service provide. They are named the compulsory exam. Their codes are 300-401 ENCOR, 300-801 CLCOR, 300-601 DCCOR, 300-701 SCOR, 300-501 SPCOR. CCNP RS and CCNP Wireless are replaced with CCNP Enterprise Certification. Moreover, CCDP certification is changed with the DevNet Professional. The best benefits are that you have more opportunities to choose the optional exam, but you must take at least one exam. I want to take an example that can help you understand the exam rules. If you want to take CCNP Collaboration Certification, you must take the 300-801 CLCOR and pass the compulsory exam.


Then, you can choose an optional exam that you consider it is easy to clear. Besides, if you want to become CCIE after passing the compulsory exam CCNP Collaboration exam, you only need to take the CCIE Lab exam and pass the lab exam. After that, you will be a CCIE, which makes the exam easier with less money. There are no formal prerequisites for CCNP/CCIE, but you should have a thorough understanding of the exam topics before taking the exam. 


  • The following is the details about changes of CCNP:

Only one kind of CCNA certification that you should take and its code is CCNA 200-301. The CCNA Wireless is replaced with the DevNet CCNA. 

The details are followed:

                                 Now                                                                       24, February 2020


Starting February 24, 2020, all certification levels will have a three-year recertification requirement. Certified individuals will be able to recertify by completing continuing education activities, taking exams, or a combination of both.


SPOTO will update timely the latest news about the evolution of CISCO certification. Don’t hesitate to follow us and you will not miss any news.


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