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Jeff A. Bennett's feedback: How to get his CCNA

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  •   Posted on: 2019-07-19
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Jeff A. Bennett is our student, he managed to get A +, Network +, Security + and CCNA.We asked  What's the secret of his success. Jeff Based on his experience to us back some useful tips and encouragement.


"For those who are interested in Cisco certifications or other technology, I encourage you not to give up your goals or dreams. I am just an Construction Workers and 45 years old.

I have many times to learn SPOTO online courses during the day.My next step would be CCNA Security, perhaps IPV6 and CCDA.


Reading material is sometimes difficult, especially things such as Cisco. Material is dull and difficult understanding. When I was Sitting at a computer Before learning.CCNA Most of them are so complex that requires a lot of foundation, and requires all bundled together. Various routing protocols and how they work together. For me, I often talk with SPOTO tutor ,And they gives me ideas and questions.

I met a few Cisco Learning website,SPOTO is one of them. At first I was skeptical, but John have been sending these everyday problems and answer to me. Soon I realized that the answers I get a lot more, but not wrong. I have paid the cost of other online training , but it make me asleep  at the time. one day,John send me training materials and I decided to join SPOTO . Soon after, every time I Learn from other agencies video, Very uncomfortable. In fact, I like to do a problem, because it always helps me find I need to do more work in what areas. Problems will eventually bring more problems to help me learn. If I had some content I am not sure and want to get more depth information, I will go to Wikipedia or Cisco online to read and read further.


In reviewing my CCNA exam, I realized that I need to keep safety in many areas. I answered questions about STP, RSTP, PVST, VLAN, EIGRP, ACL, OSPF, etc. Some of these issues for me is easier than others. You may not like it's the most difficult thing you study, and start there. For me, STP and RSTP very challenging, but I still take the time to study them, which is a good thing. If you take the exam, you may see a number of issues.


When I first started in John doing issues on the site, I got 60% and 70%, which is very frustrating, because I have to be in the classroom 3 months and have won my CCENT. I also watch videos, information began to come together, as he explained a lot of things I had not properly understood.

Watch videos, do research question and your weaknesses. Yes,John The ICND2 cheat sheet is also very good. These are the things I do to help. I hope that I spent on the Packet Tracer more time, this is the only thing I can do different things, but the establishment of the network takes time seems to be more distracting, rather than productivity.


If this is a bit long, I'm sorry, but it is a long and winding road.


Now a study into the next, hoping to track the work I have been in the study.

I wish you a successful study.


I know if I can do it, you absolutely can. "

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