Useful for business! CCIE exam techniques!

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In the beginning

The CCIE lab exam is divided into three sections, Troubleshooting shooting, Diagnostic and Configuration, and the exam time is 8 hours, which is famous for being at the top level among many qualification exams.


It seems that 8 hours is equivalent to general work hours, and it seems that it is enough time, but it is a huge amount of problem that even 1 minute and 1 second actually makes you feel lonely.


This time, I will introduce an examination technique that can save time overwhelmingly in such a CCIE lab exam.


The contents introduced here are useful for daily work, so please try to learn and use them for more efficient work.



Examination technique

Environment section

CCIE lab exams are conducted in a dual monitor environment, so it is important to be familiar with the dual monitor environment on a daily basis.


The layout of the screen seems to be individual, but when I take the exam, it is arranged as follows.



First, display the topology on the first monitor.


In addition, CCIE lab tests will be launched by setting up a console by clicking on the icons in the topology as in CCNA and CCNP simulation problems.


Therefore, the first monitor is used for displaying topology + console.


The problem is on the left side of the second monitor, and three notepads on the right side. The usage is as follows.


-Write a note of the problem (upper)


・ Write input Config (left side)


Write the template of Config (right side)


Also, these notes are used in the Diagnostic and Configuration sections.


Various CCIE bloggers have been written, but the Configuration section is definitely not finished in time if you are typing Config directly into the console.


Therefore, it is necessary to create a Config in Notepad and pour it in like kitting.


However, if all the devices are written from 1 as input configuration is too short of time, we will create a template of Config first, copy this and enter values to finish input configuration. .


It is recommended to make the template config up to L2, L3 and VPN, because the speed is improved.


And, why this memo is used in Diagnostic, Diagnostic is fixed for 30 minutes, so if you solve it quickly, you can prepare for Configuration in the remaining time.


So, when Diagnostic is at the last minute, Notepad is not used, and it is recommended to create a template at the same time as starting Configuration.


The memo of the problem is used as an element such as what you think is important when reading all the problem sentences, the score of each problem, and the information when there is an unsolvable problem.


In Trouble shooting, there is no problem if you modify Config directly from the console, so notes were basically not used.


And, speaking of the CCIE lab exam, it's not an exaggeration to say that it is a very difficult to use keyboard.


Ergonomic keyboards are available, and the exam has been extended to eight hours with the exam so as not to cause any fatigue to the candidate.


It is strongly recommended that you purchase in advance and take measures as there is a risk that you will not be able to use your ability with mistouch etc. if you have never used an ergonomic keyboard before.


I quoted from an article that introduced the past learning environment, but I was studying in such an environment.


We will also introduce the actual equipment used, so please refer to it.




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