Cisco CCIE RS lab exam, even someone else passed through this method?

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Cisco CCIE RS lab exam, even someone else passed through this method?


From the time I started working, I often heard the word CCIE. Every times, someone around you talks about it, he always has respect for it. This also makes CCIE feel that CCIE is a very difficult exam in my mind. Every time I hear people around me pass CCIE, I feel that it is a great people.

Until I met SPOTO. I first learnt how to take the exam easily. Take CCIE RS for the 400-101 exam, although it is only a written test, I believe that it will be difficult for most people. I used to be the same. Stop at the CCIE written test. I had an occasional chance, I saw the SPOTO 100% Pass online. After the CCIE advertisement, it was attracted. At first I was also very disbelieving. On the other hand, I felt that the SPOTO dumps must be fake.


On the other side, I think about how CCIE can have dumps. However, I gradually believed in the SPOTO under the guidance of the customer service patiently. OT. They gave me the biggest guarantee that paying through PayPal to protect my payment problem. Yes, yes, my heart is moving. So I spent some money and bought a 400-101 dump.


The number of questions in Dumps is very small which makes it easy for me to finish it. It took me about 4 days to go to the exam, I didn't expect it! I passed it! This makes me very happy. Then say that I am also a quasi-CCIE as long as I passed CCIE LAB exam. Then, I am also a qualified CCIE! So I bought CCIE LAB DUMPS from SPOTO and their dumps quality is still very stable and effective. I am preparing for CCIE LAB probably took me 4 months. During this time, I will go to the SPOTO teacher whenever I have problems. They are also very happy to answer for me. Here, I would like to thank SPOTO. Thanks to the teachers of SPOTO for helping me and helping me pass CCIE!


By the way, my CCIE number is 600XX


Below I give the feedback I wrote after in the CCIE LAB exam. I hope it is useful to you!




1.sw410 port security configuration is incorrect


2.nat ACL deny server1 network segment no


3.R23 int lo0 declares ospf incorrect


4.R10 no off nei DC XXX behind the things forgot, in short, with the extended community attribute, no off this command.


5.dmvpn R60 mask is incorrect.


6.SW111 int vl2001 ipv6 dhcp server XXX


7.ldp password is incorrect. Which device has forgotten. Change cisc0 to cisco.


8.ip arp ins


9.R24 tunnel 0 plus ip nhrp map mul dy R71 plus ip nhrp map mul XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX


10. nat lacks outside




You can pass the case study according to SPOTO.





1.AS34567 To filter the 32-bit route of the public network. R9 and R11 bgp redistribute the default route to eigrp. Do not write the prefix list. Just leave the default. Do not release all routes.


2.R6 is pre-allocated with a vrf RED. You don't need to pay attention to it.


3. Multicast SW5 requires that unused interfaces be divided into VLAN5.




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