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Complete Timetable of CCIE Security Exam Updating That All Participants must know

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  •   Posted on: 2019-08-07
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CCIE Security 400-251 Exam Infomation

CCIE CCIE Security 400-251Exam dumps are changed on 16 Jan & stable on 21 Jan.

CCIE CCIE Security 400-251Exam dumps are changed on 21 Apr & stable on 27 Apr.

Compared with the CCIE RS written, CCIE Security is more stable. Because people who want to take the CCIE Security exam are nowhere near as much as those who want to take the exam.

The exam is stable & pass now. If you want to pass your exam at first try, practice the SPOTO dump will be a good choice.

Last month, 308 candidates passed on July 2019

The Updating of CCIE Security Lab Exam:

Jan 31,2017:CFG/TS1/DUAG1

Apr 10,2017:CFG/TS1/DIAG1


Feb 26,2018:DIAG2

Apr 5,2018:DIAG2+

May 27,2018:DIAG2++

Jun 8, 2018: CFG

Jul 5, 2018:DIAG2+++

Jul 30, 2018:TS2

Aug 5, 2018:TS3

Sept 3,2018:TS3+

Sept 3,2018:TS3++


Mar 20,2019:CFG

May 20,2019:TS1/TS2/TS3/TS3++

Feb 24,2020:  CCIE Security v5.0 will be revised to CCIE Security v6.0

If you practice SPOTO lab materials 3-4 hours/day, you can pass your lab exam in 2 months.


SPOTO CCIE Security Lab Packets:

SPOTO CCIE Security v5.0 lab exam material includes 3 modules: TS, DIAG and CFG.

  •   TS:   TS1、TS2、TS3、TS3+、TS3++
  •   CFG : LAB1
  •   DIAG: DIAG1、DIAG2、DIA2+、DIAG2++、DIAG2+++

SPOTO CCIE Security V5.0 LAB Exam Study Plan

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