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How did I pass the CCIE DC LAB at the first attempt?

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  •   Posted on: 2019-07-05
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Since I passed CCIE DC LAB , I have a lot of requests to share my views on how to pass DC. So let's go, but before we get started, I have some hint:


It's my way, it's not necessarily yours. This is the free world of our lives. Do your best and use it.

I don't break NDA, so I don't have specific questions about the lab.


My preparation:

It can be divided into two parts:


I chose SPOTO in May,2019,And take all their courses.。

From the data context, I have to focus on virtualization, SAN, UCS, and more... You have to take time to study without brasphrt. The pain of most of us is our intellectual property/ data context. We have never played a storage area network or a VMware or Unified Computing. Fortunately, we only tested Cisco products, and we don't have to worry about the "Too many" about VMware, although I have to admit that having some knowledge will certainly help the UCS and Nexus 1000v; but this is not mandatory.


I have the opportunity to work for some customers in DC and private and public cloud projects. It also gave me the opportunity to see ambitious plans for data center infrastructure.

I won't re-read the list of books to read, how to deal with it, and so on. I think SPOTO'sDaniel offered good advice.I abide by it 100%.


Go to Dubai:

When I got to my hotel, I had a delicious steak for dinner and going to bed. Wake up in the morning,The breakfast was finishedGrab my bag and go to the Cisco website. We have only three candidates (DC,Collaboration and R / S). Usually inDubaiThere are about six candidates. Maybe because of the state of emergency, they canceled their lab, and then I started thinking, I should postpone mine on my wife's advice.LAB.ccie lab reschedule.

During the examination:

I'm going to start with the good news, and they're here now.Dubai There are two 24-inch monitors. When I see the topology of version 5 R / S or even SP version 4, it makes perfect sense; now they have only one screen on their desktop?


I read the whole lab twice, yes, twice, take notes, pay attention to warnings and set up my environment (open terminals, problems, chart, Doc CD, etc.) All this took me 53 minutes. Preparation is half the success.

Read every question. Every word is very important. Don't assume anything. Suppose you will get a lunch voucher of $1500.

Try validating your work as much as possible using the show command. Show run is suitable for Associates and Professional. This is an expert exam.

Do you have any doubts, please? Don't be shy, he/ she is with you. Even for most of the time, he/ she is preparing a CCIE.


About LAB

The lab can be divided into four parts:

Nexus ==> 40%

Storage = > 20%

Unified Computing => 30%

Nexus 1000v ==> 10%


The main pain point about the lab is dependency:


If your UCS is not configured correctly, your SAN will not start, and then forget Nexus 1000V points and SAN points.

If your SAN is not configured correctly, forget to start from SAN, and in essence, both UCS and Nexus 1Kv points and storage points will be lost.

Nexus is just a brick. It's the biggest brick, but you can't get through the lab alone.

Time is not a concern of CCIE DC Labs. Most of the candidates I've met and failed are either because they don't work from SAN, or SAN does work but they don't pay attention to the details: forget best practices and do as you ask. This is not a design exam, CCDE is designed for this.


Good luck for your study. and more study materials can be found in the WHATSAPP study group

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