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How Long Does it Take to Study For CCIE?

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  •   Posted on: 2019-08-13
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Most folks who would be pursuing a CCNA certification find that it is quite a time-consuming process. If you would be doing it completely via self-study, a CCNA could take you months to achieve. The Professional-level Cisco certifications, as well as some of the specializations, would take you even longer because more exams are being involved and the general level of difficulty is quite higher.More info can be found on SPOTO WhatsApp Study Group.


Of course, if you decide to earn certifications through the boot camps, like that offered by the SPOTO Club, it could take you a lot less time from start to finish if.


Simply, there would be so much you need to know as well as the master to pass the CCIE exams that you're in for a haul either way. According to Cisco, it has been stated that the average number of lab exam attempts to reach a CCIE is between 2 and 3, but my experience by talking with many candidates over a long period would be that the average is more like four attempts.

Some of the tracks, like Security and Voice in particular, usually require more than four attempts. I think that would be worth a look, especially for candidates near the beginning of the path because it's valuable to help you set expectations for yourself. Most folks who would be highly motivated and let's keep it at that level since if you're not highly motivated, you probably will never achieve a CCIE--will measure their CCIE journey in years. That is, once you could set the CCIE as a goal, with enough foundational understanding of what's required to have a grasp on what it would be taking you to gain there, you could count on quite a long journey. To that point, goal-setting would be becoming a key part of the CCIE pursuit.

Phase 1: Determining what's involved as well as the best-considered options. The time required: Months to years; everyone would be having a different path to gain to this point.

Phase 2: Committing. (This would be the culmination of phase 1.)

Phase 3: Preparing for, take, and clearing the written exam. The time required would be about 6 to 18 months.

Phase 4: Preparing for the first lab exam. The time which would be required: 9 to 15 months.

Phase 5: Taking the lab exam. The time required: would be about 30 days minimum for scheduling.

Phases 6 and on: Repeating step 5, usually more than once. The time which would be required: is about 3 to 6 months, on average, per attempt.


As I have worked through this list, it would be becoming clear to me that very little in the way of CCIE preparation timelines can be placed within well-defined mile-posts in time. In my case, from when I would be setting the goal, just after completing my CCNP as well as CCDP, until I have completed the CCIE R&S certification three years ago, the elapsed time would be about 18 months. I would have also averaged about 6 weeks between lab exam attempts. Based on talking with a lot of other CCIEs, I think that both of these are shorter than average, but I would be knowing about quite a few folks who would have done it in a lot less and some who would have taken a lot longer.


Thus, being certified with the CCIE is quite a long process, and if you wish to have the same, you could go for the training which would be provided by the SPOTO. By joining the courses offered by the SPOTO, you could have the CCIE Certification in a single attempt.

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