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How to pass CCIE R & S Written v5.1 (400-101) Exam

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  •   Posted on: 2019-04-08
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This article will teach you how to prepare CCIE R & S Written Examination v5.1 (400-101).

How to Learn CCIE Written Examination v5.1 (400-101)-Part 1

In the past, it would have been possible to pass the CCIE written exam if the overseas web exam questions were completely obscured, but now the problem has become so fast that its learning methods have become nearly useless.

There may be overseas problem collections that may be useful, but orthodoxy learning methods become important when considering the frequency of updating problems . Moreover, it is important to acquire systematic and overwhelming wide-ranging network technology in order to pass the CCIE lab exam.

Given the above, it is important to read the Cisco-recommended textbooks, so we can not remove this. It is a lot of volume and hard, but the reading speed will be a little faster, so let's read it first.

・ CCIE Routing and Switching v5.0 Official Cert Guide Library

How to Learn CCIE Written Examination v5.1 (400-101)-Part 2

The CCIE R & S v5.0 Official Cert Guide Library introduced in Part 1 above does not include the new field (Evolving Technologies) of the new exam (v5.1). Therefore, the people of the Cisco team have summarized the scope of the new field in the following URL.

· Reference Material For Evolving Technology Section

This should be learned as an orthodox learning method, but is n't it a lot? As for the impression that I took the exam further, I did not ask for the contents so far. I did a scan because I can not afford to lose a large sum of 50,000 yen.

So I searched for various things, such a nice PDF file is not published! !

I checked whether I could solve the output problem after the exam, but there was a problem that could be solved even with this published PDF. Moreover, this PDF file is only 39 pages . Be sure to read this PDF carefully, as the exam questions in the new field were " short sentences " and " very easy ". This PDF file should be downloaded first, as it will cause problems if it is discontinued.

※  postscript

Summarized the scope of the new fields that were presented in the CCIE Written Examination v5.1. Although it does not cover the full scope of the new field of the written exam, it covers the basics, and the technology related to the questions presented when I took the exam is included in the technical explanation below. Of course this content is not perfect, but it is definitely useful, so I hope that you read the entire commentary without omission.

※ postscript

Cisco Press has released a CCIE reference document specific to Evolving Technologies countermeasures from 2018/10/31. It is compactly organized into 264 pages, but the drawback is that it is somewhat expensive.


CCIE and CCDE Evolving Technologies Study Guide (English Edition) Kindle Edition

How to Learn CCIE Written Examination v5.1 (400-101)-Part 3

Although the CCIE written exam looks very broad in scope, it only subdivides the exam questions to make it easier to learn . CCNA / CCNP does not disclose the scope of the test in such a way. 
In other words, if you look at the topic list and there are no items you do not understand, you can take the exam.

Next is a topic list of exams. Which do you see, "English" or "Japanese"?

1. CCIE R & S written (400-101) version 5.1  -English version 

It is better to look at the English version of "1" and put it in a checklist. The written exam questions are created based on this exam topic list, and since " English words " written there are written in the question text as they are, from that point of view as well, always look at the English version Let's understand.

If there are unknown terms in this exam list, eliminate the Cisco textbooks introduced in "Part 1" and terms that you do not search on Google. And for each keyword, " Can I explain it myself? " Configurable NW technology let's check "If the configuration settings come to mind ".

How to Learn CCIE Written Examination v5.1 (400-101)-Part 4

Basically, you should take the exam after learning by the method of "Part 1, Part 2, Part 3", but I would like to check last in the collection of questions, but the problem update is intense, so-called overseas collection of questions It is an on parade of past questions that will no longer be asked.

However, I realized something. Many overseas Web problem collections publish PDF files of sample exam questions . This. Each company's problem collection is the latest! And in order to appeal, this PDF sample issue " only " is often the latest issue firmly .

There is no need to pay money. Download only the sample PDF file . If you are asked for an email address, you can download it without entering. 
For example, if you download from 5 companies, it will be a volume of about 50 to 70 questions.

However, there is a hit, so be careful and use that point as a reference.

Also, if you download a sample PDF file, etc. because you do not know what to download (even if it is a virus, etc.) because there is a questionable message board in the overseas community, such as "This is a useful problem!" Let's only from where you are selling the collection.

How to Learn CCIE Written Examination v5.1 (400-101)-Part 5

The CCIE written exam somehow likes to raise " multicast " and " Integrated IS-IS " issues. Of course, although the exams can be taken from the entire range of questions, there are still a relatively large number of questions. The contents of the questions were reflected in the technical commentary after I took the CCIE written exam, so I was able to score appropriately, but basically I will master at Cisco Press as a reference only.

How to Learn CCIE Written Examination v5.1 (400-101)-Part 6

As many excellent single-shot successful applicants say, taking the CCIE written exam is recommended to take some time in the CCIE lab learning course .

First of all, there is a problem that can not be solved if you do not deepen your understanding in status check of operation verification, so it is better to do the operation verification well in the lab learning.

Next, if you pass the CCIE written exam, the following time limit will occur. However, if this time limit can drive you, it may be a positive effect.

1. The first lab exam must be taken within 18 months of passing the CCIE written exam . 
2. If you do not pass the CCIE written exam within 3 years, you will need to take the written exam again.

Finally, it is an examination fee of "51840 yen". We can not afford to lose so much money. Once you fail, you will need " 103,680 yen " to pass the CCIE written exam .

Therefore, it is better to advance your CCIE lab learning and acquire overwhelming technical skills so that you can pass the exam. In addition, passing the CCIE written exam does not mean that you will get any qualifications, but only the CCIE Lab's right to challenge. It is most important to be able to pass without fail .

that's all. I sincerely hope for your one-time passing of the CCIE written exam! !




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